Sri Ramana Maharshi

Walk into Ramana Ashram

in 1936

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“You may imagine to yourself that you have parted from God, but know that He never parts from you.”

Sri Ramana Maharshi

What Readers Say

5th July, 2022
Most Profound text on Ramana Maharshi

The most profound, subtle and practical version of Ramana Maharishi. When you read this book you realize just how diluted, vague and lacking are most of the books published in the name of this great sage of Arunachala.

5th August, 2022
One of the best texts by Sri Ramana Maharshi

This book is an edited version of “Aham Sphurana” which only takes the relevant text from Aham Sphurana and leaves out the portion of no interest. What remains is a great text in the style of “The Talks” but immensely better than the more popular Talks.

The author, a lawyer visiting the ashram from July-December 1936, gives an incredible record not only of the teachings but also of Sri Ramana’s reactions to day-to-day life including never before published tales from Major Chadwick and S. Cohen which were present at the ashram at the same time. 

Reading the comments by Sri Ramana from this book I get the impression that the Talks must have been edited heavily since this book gives more elaborate details of various topics of Sri Ramana’s teachings like Self-Inquiry, surrender and much more. The Talks seems to leave out certain details since there is also content in the Talks from July 1936 which is different than this account.

This book, or the original Aham Sphurana, is a must for any sincere devotee of Bhagavan!

Modestus Lorence
23rd September, 2022
Simply the best book on Sri Raman’s Teaching

I have read only 10% of this book now. But I already felt overwhelming. The answers or explanations are crystal clear. Every seeker must read it!!

4th May, 2023

The AS book is fantastic. There so many little stories / incidents unheard of before. I just open it randomly and read for inspiration. It feels very genuine. My librarian friend jj knew about it and praised the book. Thanks so much for giving it to me. It’s a treasure. 

Swami Nirvritananda Puri
2nd May, 2023

I have read the first volume of Aham Sphurana — A Glimpse of Self Realisation culled from the original manuscript of the same. It’s very difficult to put into words how I felt on reading that book. All I can say is it’s mind-blowing. I hope you will soon bring out the rest of the portions too from the original manuscript of Aham Sphurana.

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