Happy New Year!

Christmas Retreat

23 – 28th December

The year 2021 was closed with
a Heartwarming Christmas Retreat.

Open Sky House

Residents of the Community

Here is Parvati who Takes Daily care of the Community Kitchen and cooks Wonderful Meals


Last Call for India

You may imagine to yourself that you have parted from God, but know that He never parts from you. 

Ramana Maharshi

This Retreat is for everyone who wants to Discover their Essential Love and Inner Peace. We will travel to Arunachala Mountain in South India • One of the most Powerful Spiritual Hotspots on our Planet, this place Supports anyone with a Longing to Become Free.

Vichara – Self Enquiry

Ramana Maharshi’s recommended Technique 
for Self Realisation 

The Analogy of a Bull

“It needs commitment, it needs to be practised. You have to keep at it and not give up. The practice slowly changes the habits of the mind. By doing this practice regularly and continuously, you remove your focus from superficial streams of thoughts and relocate it at the place where thought itself begins to manifest. In that latter place you begin to experience the peace and stillness of the Self, and that gives you the incentive to continue.

Bhagavan had a very appropriate analogy for this process. Imagine that you have a bull, and that you keep it in a stable. If you leave the door open, the bull will wander out, looking for food. It may find food, but a lot of the time it will get into trouble by grazing in cultivated fields. The owners of these fields will beat it with sticks and throw stones at it to chase it away, but it will come back again and again, and suffer repeatedly, because it doesn’t understand the notion of field boundaries. It is just programmed to look for food and to eat it wherever it finds something edible.

The bull is the mind, the stable is Heart. When it wanders around outside, looking for pleasure and happiness, it just gets into trouble, but when it stays at home in the Heart, it enjoys peace and silence. Eventually, even though the stable door is always open, the mind will choose to stay at home and not to wander about.

Bhagavan said that the way of restraint was the way of the Yogi (practitioner of Yoga). Yogis try to achieve restraint by forcing the mind to be still. Self-enquiry gives the mind the option of wandering wherever it wants to, and it achieves its success by gently persuading the mind that it will always be happier staying at home.”

Ramana Maharshi

The Manuscript contains various stories through which you can get an intimate  glimpse into life at Ramanashram and around Bhagavan himself

Ramana Maharshi, Most begged for Bhagavan’s blessings in their endeavours, and specifically would mention that the sheet carrying the reply be sanctified by his hallowed touchAham Sphurana

Letters to Bhagavan

During the Master’s lifetime, the practise existed in the Ashram for devotees to send in letters asking for all manners and varieties of things. Most begged for Bhagavan’s blessings in their endeavours, and specifically would mention that the sheet carrying the reply be sanctified by his hallowed touch.

Many wrote wanting their prayers or wishes to be fulfilled. Others solicited clarification on doctrinal points. Yet other epistles carried doubts raised regarding practice.

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ramana maharshi

Trust in God

A scene took place in the Hall, wherein the master upbraided the sarvadhikari [manager] in front of all the attendees. Seeing the dilapidated condition of the Draupadiamman-temple near the Ashram, Mr. Knowles had donated a sum of 75 rupees toward its upkeep and maintenance, with a view to prevent at least further incremental damage to the somewhat neglected ancient shrine on account of efflux of time; he had donated the sum to Sri Sadai Chettiar, the temple’s manager. The sarvadhikari had come to know about this, and had wrested away the sum in part from the poor man, telling him,

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J.Krishnamurti’s, Dissolution of the Order of the Star

Q.: I cannot so easily let go of everything as suggested by Bhagavan, because my family will raise objections if I try to renounce the world.
B.: There is no need to leave home. Discard the contents of the mind and thus throw the faculty of mind away. That is real renunciation. Physical renunciation will make you think, ‘I have renounced everything.’ Nothing could be more dangerous. Here we practise only mental renunciation.

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Upcoming Events

Vipassana Island Weekend 

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

11 – 13 February 

This special Vipassana Retreat is a great opportunity to understand how your mind and body are operating and to meet yourself in a deep way.

You will spend a whole weekend with yourself, sitting in silence in the supportive energy of a meditating group and the Open Sky House Community which has been guiding people into their heart and essence for 15 years.

Get a Taste of Living in Spiritual Community – Free Volunteer Week

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

14 – 20 February 

28 March – 3 April


Join the flow of the community and take the chance and discover how spirituality can be lived in every day life. Come one week for free as a volunteer, meet like hearted people and take part in the daily activities of the community. Each evening we will have a workshop and daily yoga, meditation and heart dance.

Meditation Weekend

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

25 – 27 March 


Satsang, Mantra, Herztanz,
Yoga, Active Meditation 

Meditation is food for body, mind and soul in the hectic distraction of our everyday life. It helps us to draw our attention inwards, to trust life and to trust our intuition. In this weekend we explore different kinds of meditations and practices to open the heart and bring the mind into silence.

Easter Retreat

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

14 – 18  April 


This retreat offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the energy field of Satsang. There will be daily Satsang with John David, Mantra singing with Live Music, Heart Dance, Yoga, Meditation and delicious vegetarian food. The Retreat takes place in the beauty of the Open Sky House Hitdorf, directly at the banks of the river Rhine where you can enjoy walks in the beatific spring nature.

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