Sant Sewa Ashram (Ram Charan)

They have more than 50 rooms, Ashram has 3 floors.

2 types of room:

Normal view: 500 rps per day

Ganga View: 900 rps per day

150 rps for extra bed.

Yoga hall 1500 rps per day



Anil doesn’t recommend 500 rps rooms, they are not nice, rooms were dirty, cracks in the wall.

All rooms have bathroom.

There is a kitchen available, but no cook!

It seems it is a shared kitchen, everybody could use.

Yoga hall is on second floor, he says quite big so 20 – 40 people could do yoga there.

Unfortunetaly Anil didn’t do photos, only few videos and send us contact of the Ashram Manager who he calls Baba.



Meditation Hall

Meditation Hall 2

Room Ganga View

Room Normal View