The International Sangha Group is a group of people who have committed themselves to work more closely with John David and with each other. This group meets four times a year at Open Sky House Hitdorf near Cologne and is open for new people.

A Sangha Weekend is a valuable reminder to set priorities and turn inwards, focusing on your essence.

The Program includes two Satsangs with John David per day and spontaneous events, like workshops or films.

There is Yoga and Meditation in the morning and Mantra singing before each Satsang.

Everybody with a  sincere longing for truth, who would like to work closer with John David is welcome to the Sangha group. 



Get in Touch: 

Tel.: 0049 (0)2173 4099204
Mobil & Whatsapp: 0049 (0)178 2890814 (Indira)