Open Day Weekend

Open Sky House

2 – 4 July

2 – 4 July

Weekend Program

Friday Afternoon

Arrival, Buffet from 17h
20h Satsang with John David about Creativity

Saturday Workshops during the day

Painting, Music Jam, Yoga, Sufi Meditation, Kids Face Painting
16:30h Film about the Community

Saturday Evening

20h Mystical Music Concert with Praful


FlowFineArt Gallery: Guided tour through our latest Exhibition by Turiya
Clay Modelling, Active Meditation, Yin Yoga, Sound Journey,
Meeting new and old Friends
15h Premiere of Spiritual Oasis Video, Info about the New Spain Project
16h Satsang with John David


Mystical Music Concert
Saturday 8pm

Praful’s recent concert at Open Sky House featuring Turiya – The Dancing Mermaid


More Information and Registration:

Creative Kids Day

Sweet and Joyful



Impressions from the Sangha Weekend in June

Heart Dance

Spiritual Festival

in Kiev/Ukraine

Indira was invited to the spiritual Festival in Kiev. Many people joined her meeting and authentic theater session to explore in a space of playfulness, innocence and curiosity who we really are.
The Trypillia Community gave a great support.

Colourful Denia


Preparing the New International Community

Our guys in Spain have finished two new Rooms and Bathrooms 



Under the blue sky and beautiful sun of Spain the construction work is progressing. The international team of residents continues to prepare the historical Villa for accommodating spiritual seekers from all over the world.

Volunteer in Spain

If you would like to join us and help as a volunteer you are warmly welcome. The magnificent atmosphere, yoga and meditation, mantra singing, delicious vegetarian food and heartful people are all contributing to the creation of this new oasis for awakening.


Interviews with Papaji Ambassadors

with Vasant Swaha

Vasant Swaha was always a naturally free spirit and travelled the world at a young age. He settled down and spent many years as a personal guard for Osho. Later he met Papaji and deepened his own Awakening. 

with Sunita

Sunita visited Papaji in Lucknow in 1993/1996 and shared her stories in an Interview with John David. She currently lives in Bali and develops her painting.

John David

Next Zoom Meeting on 24th June

Topic: Planet Crisis and Self Awareness

Planetary Crises and Self Awareness

I’m constantly talking about self awareness, self awareness, self awareness. The reality of climate change is that unless we do really drastic things, it actually may be too late. Too late for what? We may have already destroyed our planet. Can you imagine that? We clever human beings may actually without realising it, step by step by step, may have pushed the effect of global warming, which is all human made, we may have pushed it to a point where it can’t be stopped, it can’t be re-stabilised. That’s what they’re discussing…


Next Zoom Meeting: July 6th

No Beginning, No End, No I

The Zoom Meetings offer a space to bring the attention to that which does not change, to the energy that is always there, and has no beginning and no end.

Everyone is welcome to ask questions, share or simply immerse themselves in the energy of the meetings.

More information here:

Summer Holiday Retreats

with John David

“When we are ready to accept whatever happens we see paradise in ordinary life.”


We will have daily Satsang with John David. In the morning Yoga, Meditation and Mantra Singing with Live Music. The afternoon is free to relax and enjoy the palm tree garden or have a swim. In the evening we come together for Satsang, Heart Dance, Meditation or Theatre.

Tantra with Turiya  

Explore True Intimacy in an Accepting and Loving Space. Tantra means to Celebrate your Sensuality and Naturalness. It opens your Heart and is a way to meet Unconditional Love which is Your Essence.

Authentic Theatre with Indira

In the protected space “stage” we can trust the Moment and indulge in the Natural Flow of Life. Indira offers a Playful and Experimental field to explore Creativity from a space of Silence, Innocence and Curiosity.

Open Sky House Ukraine

in Tripillya, near Kiev

17 July – 1 Aug

You have probably never considered to go to Ukraine for a Retreat, but it truly is a magnificent country. We go several times every year and enjoy the heartful people and beautiful nature. The Open Sky Retreat Center is situated right at the banks for the large river Dnepr, you can talk walks, go for swims and enjoy the spacious atmosphere. 

Open Sky Villa Spain

 in Denia, near Valencia

3 – 19 Sept

The retreat will be held only 3 minutes walk from the Mediterranean in the Amazing Beauty of the Open Sky Villa in Denia, near Valencia. The Villa is situated in a spacious tropical palm tree garden with a pool, outdoor meditation area, right on the foothills of Montgo. 

Anything you would like to share or ask?