My Job is to Destroy You

Then one day, this was the big change, I’ll never forget it, never to this day. He sat up cross-legged on his bed and I was sitting on the floor in the hospital.

He drew a line and He said, “Look.” He said it like, “Look (gruffly), this is a line. On this side of the line is everything you’ve ever known, everything you’ve ever done, every effort you’ve made, your meditations.” Again he said it – “Everything you’ve done in the past, cause, effect, karma and it’s consequences, birth and death. On this other side of the line is that which you are seeking – no birth, no death, that which is timeless, no cause and effect, free of cause and effect.

And under no circumstance whatsoever can it ever, ever, ever be the result of what’s on the other side of the line…” He looked at me, “…because then That would still be in time, birth and death, and cause and effect. And what you are seeking is the ending of birth and death.” Bang!

It went into me like a dagger, literally into my heart. You cry, and you let yourself cry on this, this is an important point. That comment from Him changed my life. I looked at Him and I said, “Oh Master, what are You doing to me? You’re destroying me, You’re destroying me.” And He said, “That’s what I’m meant to do. That’s my job.”

Murray Jan 2020 in Tiru

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