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October 2021

Arunachala Calling

8 - 30 Jan 2022

Estamos muy contentos de informaros que la India vuelva a estar abierta para los turistas. Por lo tanto, ofreceremos por 21ª vez un retiro de tres semanas en la montaña Arunachala, en el sur de la India. Durante miles de años, la energía de esta montaña ha atraído a muchos buscadores espirituales interesados en la indagación y la realización del Ser.

Tendremos un Ashram privado con nuestra propia cocina a solo 10 minutos a pie del Ashram de Ramana Maharshi. Vamos a estar muy seguros y bien cuidados. Habrá Satsang diario en la azotea con una vista increíble de Arunachala, también yoga, meditación, canto de mantras y caminatas alrededor de la montaña y los templos.


You root out the ego of those 
who meditate on you in their heart”

– Bhagvan Sri Ramana Maharshi


Island Retreat

Faces of Silence

The recent Vipassana Island Retreat in the beginning of October was quiet and powerful. Many experienced a profound inner connectedness and sharpened awareness about their inner workings.

>> next Vipassana: 12 - 14 Nov
Open Sky Villa Denia in Spain

A New Spiritual Oasis

Living a New Human Potential through Inner Transformation

Invest in Inner Love and Peace

With our New Spiritual Centre we want to Inspire and Support more people to an Inner Journey of Self-Discovery: for the Sake of Yourself, the People around you and our Planet Itself. Now we need your support to make this Vision a reality!

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The Art of Honey

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Natural, Untreated Honey

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In big honey factories, often many kinds of honey are mixed together as part of the pasteurisation process, to create the poor mixture without aroma or much taste, but sweet which we have been raised to know as “Honey.”

This unique collection from The Art of Honey offers the finest possible selection of pure high quality honey, from pristine nature.

Wild Meadow Honey

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Vernissage - Flow Fine Art

Sunday, 7th of Nov, 11am - 3pm • until 3rd April

Martin Sieverding • Anatoly Burykin • Christoph Jakob • Klaus Erich Haun

John David


Jennifer Grasshoff


FlowFineArt stands for Art that noticeably emerges from an inner place of Stillness. The objects are abstract and timeless and encourage to look inward and connect with peace inside.

Ramana Maharshi

Aham Sphurana

A Journal of Previously Unpublished Conversations
Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

This Manuscript was recorded 85 years ago in 1936.
It was offered to the public in August 2021 on Amazon.

Read Passages of the Manuscript, selected and edited by John David:

Essential Extracts from the Manuscript

Q: So, is this state of consciousness steadily remaining merely as Itself, undisturbed by thought, called the Sahajastithi?
B: No. It is called Aham Sphurana.

Q: Then what is the Sahajastithi?
B: No description is possible. The reflected being — consciousness which is localised in a physical body — is destroyed; after this is destroyed, that alone remains which has always been.

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A Former Classmate Visiting Bhagavan

B.: Why all these fancy items? You yourself have family-members who are suffering from asthma: is that not so? Is this body more important than or in any way superior to those bodies? How is it that ignoring them you have brought this medicine over to me? If you give this to those who truly need it, they will feel happy. I have no use for such things. I cannot think “Oh! we are taking medicine for our good health.” and feel elated. [smiling, in demure fashion saying—] I hope you are not angry with me…!

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Mrs Piggot’s Diary

I was told that the Maharshi had his finger on the pulse of the whole ashram, although he appeared prima facie totally unconcerned with all mundane affairs. For instance, when in the Hall, he was supposed to know what was going on even in the kitchen — and incidentally I was surprised to find that he himself assisted in the cutting up of vegetables for the daily meal.
I was also told that he knows what is passing in the minds of people. Of this latter ability, I had a small personal experience.

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John David

Next Zoom Meeting on 4th of November

Topic: Vichara, Self Enquiry

Q.: What are the indicators based on which I shall be enabled to find out for myself whether I am doing vichara [Self enquiry] correctly or not?

B.: If vichara has resulted in a state of mind wherein it abides as identical with pure Subjective Consciousness, then you have done it correctly.
          However, it is not easy for the novice to tell whether his mind is presently abiding as identical with pure Subjective Consciousness, because the dull mental state of manolaya [loss of awareness] is often mistakenly regarded as being the tabula-rasa [clean slate] mental state of pure Subjective Consciousness.
        When mind abides as identical with pure Subjective Consciousness, it unmistakeably scintillates “I”-“I”. Thus, the definitive answer to your question is that vichara has been done correctly when doing it has resulted in the aham sphurana [Self-realisation] flashing forth.


Next Zoom Meeting: 2nd of November

The infinite security and love of our Being

We’re just not used to draw our attention to the energy, that is one with everything, hence we easily get lost in our thoughts, worries and emotions.

The Zoom Meetings offer a space to come back to the essential and relax into the infinite security and love of our Being. Everybody is welcome!

More information here:

Upcoming Retreat

Reconnect with your inherent Silence, Peace and Love

When the mind becomes quiet, we experience a deep sense of contentment and nourishment in which our heart can open. We can see what is holding us back from accepting the moment and where we give power to our Ego instead of allowing what is beyond.

Satsang with John David, Yoga, Mantra Singing, Heartdance and
Active Meditations

Price: 210€ 

(Concession and students: 160€)
inclusive delicious vegetarian food
and accommodation in dormitory.
Single or double rooms available for extra charge. 

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