Open Sky Press is a publisher of spiritual books which aims to support people in their search for Truth.
We produce a range of publications on Satsang, Spiritual Awakening and Non-Duality.

What makes us remarkable: 

All our books are made out of devotion and deep love to the timeless teachings, which is also reflected in the exceptionally beautiful design. 

We offer an extraordinary assortment of wisdom from and about many outstanding spiritual masters with very diverse backgrounds. Through the close friendships with many spiritual teachers our content is unusually intimate and transmits their clarity and love in a truly incomparable way.  

Our books and films are meant to inspire, encourage and accompany you on your journey towards your inner self. 

The books are published in English, German, Russian and Spanish and the films have subtitles in many different languages. 

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Film about the Spiritual Community Open Sky House and Teacher John David.

Living as a New Humanity.