Summer Retreat

Summer Retreat

in Denia – Spain

Hello from a Powerful and Intensive 16 Day Retreat in a Paradise Palm Tree Garden 
at the Mediterranean

At the Foot of the Mountain Montgo we are continuing to develop the Open Sky Villa

Which is reminding us strongly about Arunachala Mountain in South India

Building a new Bathroom

Building and Renovating the Garden and Koi Pond

Adding a Play 
Space for Kids

A New Spiritual Oasis

Living a New Human Potential through Inner Transformation

With our New Spiritual Centre we want to Inspire and Support more people to an Inner Journey of Self-Discovery: for the Sake of Yourself, the People around you and our Planet Itself.

Discover more about the Project

Invest in Inner Love and Peace

The Art of Honey

Now Available in Shops and Online

Open Sky Honey is now being sold in many Shops around Cologne and Düsseldorf

Our Beekeepers live in the
prisitine Nature of Ukraine.

European Spiritual Masters

Redesigned and edited Edition of the Bestseller

European Masters is for everyone who has an inner passion to know who they are and what they are doing here as a human being. It is for all who ask the question ‘Who am I?’ and for those who are looking for guidance on the teachings of Sri Ramana to ‘be as you are’.

This captivating book is a treasure for all on the path of Truth. It is the ancient wisdom of humanity passed down through generations of Masters to all who wish to know who they are. It is a total delight to experience the profoundity of the European Masters who have taken their knowledge of the Indian traditional teachings and combined it with their knowledge of Western psychology to offer a unique transmission perfect for the Western seeker.


Interviews with Papaji Disciples


with Joyce

Joyce Arrastia from the US met Papaji in mid to late 20s and people remembered her confidence and radiance. During her 3 years living in Lucknow she gave birth to a child, which got a Sanskrit name from Papaji. Joyce is now a professional film editor having worked for Sony Pictures Animation, Motion Pictures and Netflix.

John David

Next Zoom Meeting on 7th of October

Topic: Zen Verses on Faith

The Great Way is not difficult
for those who have no preferences. 
When not attached to love or hate, all is clear and undisguised. 
Separate by the smallest amount, however,
and you are as far from it as heaven is from earth. 


Next Zoom Meeting: 5th of October

Seduction of the mind

The mind is like a relationship that we know won’t serve us, but that gives us a sense of safety and security. That is why we again and again like to be seduced by our minds.

The Zoom Meetings offer a space to bring our attention beyond the limits of the mind and relax into the infinite security and love of our being. Everybody is welcome!

More information here:

Nourish your inner Love and Peace

Vipassana Island is a great opportunity to understand how your mind and body are operating and to meetyourself in a deep way.

Spend a whole weekend with yourself, sitting in silence in the supportive energy of a meditating group. For many years, the Open Sky House Community has been guiding people into their own essence and love.

Arrival: Friday afternoon
Start: Friday 7pm, Silent Dinner End: Sunday 7pm
(who wants, can stay for dinner)

On Friday evening will be an opening circle.
Sunday you can share your experiences.

Hitdorf: 180€ incl. acc. and food 
Denia: 95€ incl. acc. and food

Anything you would like to share or ask?