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April 2021

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Wednesdays we are streaming our Mantra Session 
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Spring in Spain

The residents in Spain are continuing the construction work at Open Sky Villa in Denia, close to Valencia. 
More Rooms and bathrooms are being constructed so that the place can accomodate spiritual seekers from all over the world in the beautiful setting of the old Villa and tropical palm tree garden. 

Volunteer in Spain

If you would like to come and help as a volunteer you are warmly welcome. The magnificant scene, yoga and meditation, mantra singing, delicious vegetarian food and heartful people are here to give rise to a new oasis for awakening. 


Meetings with Papaji Ambassadors

Heart to Heart

with Aruna

Aruna Byers, an American Satsang Teacher from Japan, told her stories about her time with Papaji. Just recently she gave an Online Satsang to the community residents. We loved her feminine and compassionate approach and are deeply grateful for the meeting. 

Heart to Heart

with Nukunu

The Community recently connected with the Danish Satsang Teacher Nukunu, who was a student of Osho and Papaji. The meeting was very energetic, the room was filled with an intense silence and the open hearted energy revealed a deep love within us.

Heart to Heart

with Vasant Swaha

Vasant Swaha has been a close disciple of Osho for many years before he met Papaji. In his Interview with John David he told amazing stories with his masters. He currently resides in South Brazil and shared his clarity and joy with us. 


Day by Day 

Spreading the enormous Love and Fruit Papaji brought to the world, we are currently working on a new exciting Papaji book and film project.

We are looking for people who were in contact with Papaji and like to share their stories, anecdotes and gratitude. 

If you met Papaji, or know people who did, we would be happy if you forward this message or contact Indira 

by email:
by phone/whatsapp 0049 178 2890814

John David

Next Zoom Meeting on 04th May

John David presents at Evolutionary Festival

"Value of Spiritual Community Post-Pandemic Vision”

Corona Virus – An Immense Chance for Humanity to Leap into Pioneering Ways of Living

April 23 - 10pm CET

Presentation Description:

…Do we want to carry on after lockdown like before? Do we want to accept that we destroy the planet, and many people suffer from burnout, depression, and anxiety? Or do we use this momentum as a deeply necessary opportunity for new pioneering ways of living?  
John David has been living as a residential teacher in the spiritual community Open Sky House for more than 15 years. Living in community provides a strong and loving energy field which is necessary for profound transformation to a deep love and acceptance of ourselves.  Only if we are in peace with ourselves, can we align with the world around us and approach our environment naturally with acceptance and love. 
John David will look at what a spiritual community can offer to people who are longing for real change, and have a Heart that wants to contribute to save planet earth. John David will share from his wealth of community-life experiences and point toward how collective energy fields can create an urgently needed refocus of human consciousness. 


Next Meeting: April 27th

Recently Indira started sharing. We are happy to announce that there will be Zoom Meetings with Indira every second Tuesday at 8pm in German language.

More information here:


Vipassana Island Retreat

Powerfull Silence after last weekend’s Vipassana in Open Sky Villa Denia 

Last Chance to join next weekend’s Meditation Retreat in Hitdorf!

Anything you would like to share or ask?