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June 2023

Be as You Are!

Open Sky Newsletter

June 2023

Open Day - June 2023 - Weekend

Full-on Celebration at Open Sky House

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Photo Impressions 

Breaking Free

The Open Day Weekend is an Invitation to Discover a New Way of Life

What Society offers is a system of ideas which makes us believe we are a separate individual and life is all about fulfilling our own small desires. This Treadmill not only keeps us caught up in a cycle of suffering but also has tremendously deleterious effects on the planet which are increasingly becoming undeniable. The Planet could soon be undergoing a drastic change which will have a huge effect on Humanity’s Survival. 

The Bigger Picture

John David about How Spiritual Companionship offers a New Way for Humanity

The reality of climate change is that it may already be too late if we don’t drastically change something. We have brought our planet’s ecosystem to a point where it could easily collapse. The most important thing to save ourselves and the planet is to develop Self-Awareness and become aware of our Inner Essence.

The default state of today’s human is a constant feeling of something missing. To compensate for that, we develop all sorts of strategies, and modern society supports these strategies: we buy a new car, new clothes, seek a new partner, or fly on vacation to escape the stress of everyday life. In doing so, we consume far more than we actually need. Encouraged by a relentless advertisement campaign. 

Only by fundamentally questioning this feeling of unfulfillment can we discover a deeper place within ourselves, a Source of authentic Peace and Love. When we live from this place, we will not consume thoughtlessly or feel lost, but live in Love and Compassion for ourselves, others, and the Planet. 

Above all, we can connect with the deep Peace within us and become willing to accept each moment as it is. We then live in a natural flow, without a sense of lack, content with what is already present.

To support each other on this journey to our Essence, we need oases that create a space for self-exploration and provide a protected space for us to engage with inner issues that produce our desires and fears. Letting go of these is not easy and temporarily makes us very vulnerable.

The energetic support of an Unconditionally Loving and Caring Community is essential for this deep process of transformation. The powerful Frequency of Love, Stillness, and Creativity allows us to listen deeply to the question: Who am I? and let an answer arise from our own Realisation.

The Open Sky House Community is such an Oasis of conscious living that radiates out into the world. We hope that this Spiritual Oasis will inspire and support many people to embark on the inner journey of self-exploration—for themselves, for the people around them, and for our Planet.


We are currently launching a new film project which is inspired by the urgent need for a deep transformation within our Hearts in order to change the course of humanity’s fate from Doom to Bloom. If you are inspired and feel to contribute to the project with inspiration, researching information or video editing skills don’t hesitate to get in touch with Om: 


Phone and Whatsapp: +49 152 22 473 253

Video: How Higher Frequencies Support our Transformation

Summer Retreat

1 – 17 September

Join the International Summer Holiday Retreat with John David and come to Inner Peace and Happiness


Retreat Program

Drawing from different spiritual traditions, John David’s teachings include meditation, self-inquiry, and embodied practices that help people tap into their inner wisdom and transform their lives.

Meeting with John David

Falling into silence


Open body and mind

Yoga and active Meditation

John David Satsang - Spiritual Teacher

Meeting in truth

Satsang with John David

Falling into silence


Open body and mind

Yoga and active meditation


Spiritual Films, Authentic Theater

Open the heart

Mantra chanting with the Open Sky Band

Step into the Flow

Heart Dance from the Sufi Tradition


Spiritual Films, Authentic Theater

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Open Sky Villa
The Paradise in Spain

Nestled in the heart of Denia, a picturesque coastal town in Spain, lies the stunning Open Sky Villa.

The Beautiful Villa with an aristocratic flair, a lush, tropical garden and view to the majestic mountain Montgó give a deep feeling of tranquility and wellbeing. It offers a perfect backdrop for a Transformative Retreat Experience. 

Open Sky Villa is located in a calm and peaceful residential area in Denia, between Valencia and Alicante in Spain. Just 3min walk to the Mediterranean and with a huge swimming pool.

Join us in Spain


July and August • Working Holiday

If you like to benefit from the incredible beauty and energy of Open Sky Villa and the residential community, you can join our Working Holiday Programm FOR FREE this summer and get the Summer Retreat with John David for a reduced rate. 

Spending time as a volunteer in the amazing beauty of the Open Sky Villa in Spain is a wonderful way to open your Heart, get to know the Community and let go of everyday thoughts and concerns. 
You can discover what a great experience it is to work hand in hand with others and offer your care and energy to the everyday flow of the Community. This together with the daily Meditations and Yoga will shift your energy from the mind to the heart and strengthen your Connection to the deeper part of yourself, your Essence.
Fields of work are support in the kitchen, preparing guest rooms, helping in the garden, and handyman jobs. 
We look forward to meeting you!

4 Mongolian Yurts with Tropical Bathrooms

Our Handymen have set up an amazing experience for our guests: Mongolian Yurts with colourful outdoor bathrooms. They offer a sense of deep immersement with the beautiful nature around. 

Family Yurt 

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Comfortable interior and natural bathroom

Yellow Yurt

Orange Yurt

Golden Yurt

Green Yurt

Upcoming Events

Meditation Weekend

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

28 – 30 July 

To understand the Miracle of Life, the mind must be very quiet.

In this weekend members of the Community will introduce you to a variety of still and active meditation practices. In Satsang with John David you can ask questions and share your experiences. This gives you the opportunity to find the right practices for you which you can bring into your every day life.

 Free Volunteer Week 

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

31 July – 6 August

Get a Taste of Living in Spiritual Community 

Join the flow of the community and take the chance and discover how spirituality can be lived in everyday life. Come one week for free as a volunteer, meet like-hearted people and John David, the spiritual teacher of the Open Sky House Community. Take part in the daily activities and meditations and the evening program.

Vipassana Island Retreat

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

13 – 15 October

Silence is the Language of the Heart

With the support of John David and the energy of the Open Sky House Community, you will go deeply into yourself. Based on the teachings of the Buddha, Vipassana aims to develop insight into the nature of reality and liberate oneself from suffering. By observing the impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and non-self of all experiences, you will cultivate equanimity and wisdom.

India Retreat

at Arunachala, Tiruvannamalai

17 Dec – 7 Jan 

“Who am I?” – Solve this Problem 
and you solve all other Problems 

Join us for a Pilgrimage to one of India’s most powerful spiritual sanctuaries at the feet of Arunachala Mountain. From December 2023 to January 2024, John David and the Open Sky House Community will offer the 23rd Indian Retreat in Hommage to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the Saint of Arunachala.

Sat TV

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Wherever you are you can access this Archive for free on your phone and tablet 
via the App and on your Computer. 

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