Open Sky Newsletter

September 2023

Open Sky Newsletter

September 2023

Be as You Are!

Summer Retreat

“The true teacher only wants one thing:
to show the student that he or she is the same as the teacher.
There is no difference.”
– John David

It was the most beautiful and intense retreat I have been to. The combination of daily Satsang, mantra singing, meditation, yoga, heart dance and Karma Yoga is amazing. There are fewer thoughts and sometimes no thoughts at all. I am able to connect much deeper to the Self and there was a moment when I clearly experienced the I as an illusion.

John David is full of love that takes you deeper into your inner wisdom and essence.
He is a great mirror to experience the Self and to connect to what is within.


I like John David`s undoubtful energetic aura and transmission of energy together with his sincerity and availability.


I lost a lot and gained clarity, trust, joy, freedom and power.

I could see how little is personal. Every meeting with John David is new and fresh out of the moment. I can see that there is truth in the honesty of John David’s perspective.

– Nataraj

22th Oct • 11 – 15h

Dear friends of Art,

We cherish Creativity and Artistic Expression from a Space of Silence which can touch you deeply. We cordially invite you this new fantastic exhibition. The Vernissage will be on Sunday, 22nd October. At 12 noon the exhibition will be opened by galerist Sandra Wenderhold and curator John David. The artists will be present and look forward to meeting you and answering your questions. We will be offering Live Music, Champagne and Fingerfood.

Retrospective of Martin Sieverding

supported by: Finkbeiner & Salm • Frank Teufel • Mechthild Ehmann

In our new exhibition, a symbiosis of powerful energy and quiet contemplation unfolds. We are particularly looking forward to Martin Sieverding’s latest paintings, which reflect a primordial energy and depict beauty as well as transience in a constant process of construction and destruction.

New discoveries in our gallery are the Berlin photographers Finkbeiner & Salm; and the sculptors Frank Teufel and Mechthild Ehmann, who artfully combine lightness and sensuality in their sculptures.

Each work of art touches and speaks its own language, together they tell of movement, harmony and uniqueness.

Exhibiting Artists:

Martin Sieverding


Free Unfolding

Finkbeiner & Salm


Timeless Moments

Frank Teufel


Elegant Movements

Mechthild Ehmann


Fruits of the Earth

The Mystic of India

Join us for a Pilgrimage to one of India’s most powerful spiritual sanctuaries at the feet of Arunachala Mountain in South India. From 17th December 2023 until 7th January 2024, John David and the Open Sky House Community will offer the 23rd Indian Retreat in Hommage to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the Saint of Arunachala.

Early Bird Price until 15th Oct
2.350€   1.850€
Young Helpers: 1200€

You may imagine that you have separated yourself from God,
but know that He never separates from you.

– Sri Ramana Maharshi

The Art of Honey

Fresh honey from the Rhein Riverside in Germany.
Lively, flowery flavour that goes perfectly with
with tea, homemade lemonade and yoghurt. 

NEW: Our Own Open Sky Honey

Upcoming Events

Vipassana Island Retreat

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

13 – 15 October
10 – 12 November – in Spain

Silence is the Language of the Heart

With the support of John David and the energy of the Open Sky House Community, you will go deeply into yourself. Based on the teachings of the Buddha, Vipassana aims to develop insight into the nature of reality and liberate oneself from suffering. By observing the impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and non-self of all experiences, you will cultivate equanimity and wisdom.

 Free Volunteer Week 

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

16 – 22 October

Get a Taste of Living in Spiritual Community 

Join the flow of the community and take the chance and discover how spirituality can be lived in everyday life. Come one week for free as a volunteer, meet like-hearted people and John David, the spiritual teacher of the Open Sky House Community. Take part in the daily activities and meditations and the evening program.

Tantra Workshop



at Open Sky House Hitdorf

5 November 

The Art of Meeting in Presence

Open your heart and allow yourself to dive deep into your sensuality. The Discovery Workshop offers gentle exercises to explore your boundaries and overcome fears of authentic connection with others and your deeper self.

Radha offers a safe space where everyone can learn the beautiful art of intimacy. No experience with Tantra is necessary for the weekend.


Yoga Weekend


Radha & Shiva

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

11 – 12 Nov 

Relax and recharge

We invite you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and join us in an oasis of inner peace and serenity.

Experience a combination of mindful Hatha and Kundalini yoga sessions, calming meditations, heart-opening mantras and deep relaxation sessions.

Unwind, recharge your batteries and connect with your inner centre.

Rhythm Workshop



at Open Sky House Hitdorf

18 November

How is your heart beating?

We let the drums sound: loud, lusty and funky, to sensitive, gentle and earthy pulsating. With a lot of fun, creativity and playful curiosity we improvise and make simple arrangements sound.

Kiran is teaching drumming and creative rhythm work  and loves to inspire people with the diversity and liveliness of music.

Authentic Theater



at Open Sky House Hitdorf

19 November

Discover your Playful Power!

Let all that is inside you come to life. In this way, your spontaneous liveliness and contact with others will give rise to plays that are unpredictable and unique.

In the protected space “stage” we can trust the Moment and indulge in the Natural Flow of Life. Indira offers a Playful and Experimental field to explore Creativity from a space of Silence, Innocence and Curiosity.

Meditation Weekend

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

24 – 26 November 

To understand the Miracle of Life, the mind must be very quiet.

In this weekend members of the Community will introduce you to a variety of still and active meditation practices. In Satsang with John David you can ask questions and share your experiences. This gives you the opportunity to find the right practices for you which you can bring into your every day life.

India Retreat

at Arunachala, Tiruvannamalai

17 Dec – 7 Jan 

“Who am I?” – Solve this Problem 
and you solve all other Problems 

Join us for a Pilgrimage to one of India’s most powerful spiritual sanctuaries at the feet of Arunachala Mountain. From December 2023 to January 2024, John David and the Open Sky House Community will offer the 23rd Indian Retreat in Hommage to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the Saint of Arunachala.

Anything you would like to share or ask?