Open Sky Newsletter

May 2023

Be as You Are!

Open Sky Newsletter

May 2023

Spring Moments

Beautiful Spring Impressions from the Open Sky House and John David

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It's all about Beauty

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but when you’re really, really Quiet, there’s so much Beauty! Everything is beautiful! Today was one of those days: the ocean was beautiful, the houses were beautiful, the people were beautiful, the weather was beautiful, the paintings were beautiful, the lunch was great. The whole day was just like a flow through Beauty.
          It seems to me that Beauty and Stillness, Truth, are the same. When you’re really there in the “Nothing’  you can see that, or you can know that. There may be profound Love and you just feel this loving oneness; but you can also experience that everything suddenly seems to be beautiful. Things that seemed ordinary before suddenly become absolutely beautiful, absolutely perfect: perfectly beautiful.”

– John David

Beauty around the Open Sky House 

Summer Retreat

1 – 17 September

Join the International Summer Holiday Retreat with John David and come to inner peace and happiness


Retreat Program

Drawing from different spiritual traditions, John David’s teachings include meditation, self-inquiry, and embodied practices that help people tap into their inner wisdom and transform their lives.

Meeting with John David

Falling into silence


Open body and mind

Yoga and active Meditation

John David Satsang - Spiritual Teacher

Meeting in truth

Satsang with John David

Falling into silence


Open body and mind

Yoga and active meditation


Spiritual Films, Authentic Theater

Open the heart

Mantra chanting with the Open Sky Band

Step into the Flow

Heart Dance from the Sufi Tradition


Spiritual Films, Authentic Theater

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Open Sky Villa
The Paradise in Spain

Nestled in the heart of Denia, a picturesque coastal town in Spain, lies the stunning Open Sky Villa.

The beautiful villa with an aristocratic flair, a lush, tropical garden and view to the majestic mountain Montgó give a deep feeling of tranquility and wellbeing. It offers a perfect backdrop for a transformative retreat experience. 

Open Sky Villa is located in a calm and peaceful residential area in Denia, between Valencia and Alicante in Spain. Just 3min walking to the Mediterranean.

Celebrate with us!

All for Free!

Food and Accommodation in the Dormitory from Friday to Sunday
Single and Double Rooms are available for extra cost

Bring along your Family and Friends!

We look forward to seeing you! 

Weekend Program
23 – 25 June

Friday Afternoon
Arrival at 5pm with a delicious Buffet
7pm Heart Dance 
8pm Meeting with John David 

Saturday Workshops
Yoga and Meditation, Painting, Authentic Theater, Drumming, 
Clay Modelling, Film about the Community and Q+A

Saturday Evening
8pm Mantra Concert with the Open Sky Band

Tour through our current art exhibition
5 Rhythm Dance, Shiatsu, Sound Journey,
4pm Meeting with John David

A joyful weekend

Impressions from the last Open Day Weekend

Upcoming Events

Open Day Weekend

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

23 – 25 June 

To understand the Miracle of Life, the mind must be very quiet.

Come join us for a weekend of self-discovery and spiritual growth at Open Sky House! Our Open Day Weekend offers an exciting opportunity to explore a variety of still and active meditation practices, discover art, dance and music workshops, and meet John David and like-minded individuals in the community.

 Free Volunteer Week 

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

26 June – 2 July
31 July – 6 August

Get a Taste of Living in Spiritual Community 

Join the flow of the community and take the chance and discover how spirituality can be lived in everyday life. Come one week for free as a volunteer, meet like-hearted people and John David, the spiritual teacher of the Open Sky House Community. Take part in the daily activities and meditations and the evening program.

Meditation Weekend

at Open Sky House Hitdorf

28 – 30 July 

To understand the Miracle of Life, the mind must be very quiet.

In this weekend members of the Community will introduce you to a variety of still and active meditation practices. In Satsang with John David you can ask questions and share your experiences. This gives you the opportunity to find the right practices for you which you can bring into your every day life.

Summer Retreat

at Open Sky Villa Spain

1 – 17 September

Paradise is not a place,
it’s a state of Being

– John David – 

16 days of daily Meetings with John David, Meditation, Mantra Singing, Heart Dance and Yoga. Explore intimacy in a Tantra Weekend with Radha and authenticity in Theater with Indira . Enjoy the amazing Beauty of the Open Sky Villa, only 3min from the Mediterranean.

Anything you would like to share or ask?