I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but when you’re really, really Quiet, there’s so much Beauty! Everything is beautiful! It was one of those days: today, the ocean was beautiful, the houses were beautiful, the people were beautiful, the weather was beautiful, the paintings were beautiful, the lunch was great. It was just like a flow through Beauty, the whole day.
          It seems to me that Beauty and Stillness, Truth, are the same. When you’re really there in the “Nothing’  you can see that, or you can know that. There may be profound Love and you just feel this loving oneness; but you can also experience that everything suddenly seems to be beautiful. Things that seemed ordinary before suddenly become absolutely beautiful, absolutely perfect: perfectly beautiful.
           I have a favourite art gallery in Denmark. It specialises in having a little bit of this and a little bit of that; it has many corners and little galleries, full of all kinds of art: sculpture, paintings, and now they have some video installations. Yes. Just so much Beauty. . . If you get bored with the paintings, then you just look out the window and there’s the ocean and beautiful nature outside.

I’m not telling you this to make you jealous. This is an advertisement campaign for Freedom. Because one of things that is a bit strange, when you’re travelling and meeting people as I am, is to see that most people aren’t interested in this thing. I don’t expect to see that many people. You know, I’d be surprised if I found fifty thousand people sitting at a meeting. Of course, fifty thousand will go to see Mick Jagger, or football, but naturally, I don’t expect fifty thousand people to come to Satsang. But how few people are interested! Even the people that do come are not really so interested.
          This is always something that I’m totally shocked about. It’s one of the really hard things; because what I’m basically selling here is ‘Nothing’, so it’s not exactly easy to package. It’s not so easy to pack it up and put it in a nice box. Packaging and advertising ‘Nothing’ is not so easy. On the other hand, if you would just buy this product, I would have to tell you that ‘Nothing’ is the best. It’s a very strange situation: that here is an absolutely free product – absolutely free, it doesn’t cost you anything – and this free product absolutely has almost no takers.

Even so, when you arrived on this planet you already had this product – ‘Nothing’ – so you got a freebie. You got a little nose, you got a little bit of hair, maybe some fingernails, knees, you know you’ve got all that stuff. And if you’re lucky, you’ve got a brain. And then, because the divine is absolutely abundant, you were also given ‘Nothing’ as part of the package.
           Nobody wants it; of course I’m not saying that you don’t want it, because you’re part of a very rare group who probably does want it. When you’ve been through a particularly lovely evening and you’re all excited, and you really want to share it, you call up your best friend and you say, “I just went to this really wonderful meeting. It was all about ‘Nothing’. Why don’t you come?” And they’ve got so many other better things to do.

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