Self Enquiry
by Ramana Maharshi

Self Enquiry by Ramana Maharshi

What is Self Enquiry?

The Fundamental question on the spiritual journey is

"Who am I?"

Self Enquiry as suggested by Ramana Maharshi is a reminder to go to where the thought arises. 
    When a thought rises up “lunch time” – “When is lunch?” As soon as this thought arises rather than taking the thought, you ask yourself “To whom has this thought arisen?”
   This thought about lunch. “To whom did it arise?” You immediately get the answer “to me”. Because you’re completely identified with me. This thought arose to “me”.   And then you ask a second question “Who is this me?” 

You think you know, but you don’t. The second question doesn’t have a verbal answer. You can say “I’m consciousness”. Well, that doesn’t really answer that question. 
    So you come to Silence, you fall into Silence. You fall into the Emptiness. This is actually Self Enquiry, its that simple. This question is a fundamental part of the spiritual investigation.

Self Enquiry Workshop with John David

In a Self Enquiry workshop we sit together, lovingly asking each other “Who are you?”
    Through this exercise over some hours we notice deeply that all answers that we give to that question are not who we really are and after some time we fall deeper inside, looking for what the question can reveal inside of ourself.
     This Exercise rather quickly, in a few hours, can bring people to have a taste of their True Nature, their being. Its a bit like going down into the clear water and suddenly wow, its so beautiful.