Authentic Theatre

Theater Workshop

Discover your playful power and become fully alive with everything that is in you.

The theatre stage is a protected and magical place to:

  • experiment
  • follow your intuition
  • explore your inner world
  • expand your boundaries
  • discover your creative potential
  • deepen the confidence in yourself
  • develop confidence in the moment
  • be in contact with others without losing yourself


Authentic theatre is without script and develops out of the moment. The focus is on the joy of playing and to play with each other. Everything is possible and every piece is unique. Only the impulses of the players decide. Authentic theatre is about saying yes to yourself, with everything that is there.

After group warm up exercises people choose to go on stage with a partner or two. There are different settings with and without masks, costumes, props, music and direction.

Indira Ute Becker

Since 30 years fascinated by Fool-, Movement-, Improvisation-, Clown- and PlayBack- theatre, just the kind of theatre, which happens out of the moment. Since 15 years teaching Authentic Theatre and visiting hospitals and old people`s homes as a ClinicClown.