Meetings in Awareness - Back to our Nature

In a protected space with a lot of openness to experiment, we explore how we can become more authentic in intimate meetings. For a more heartful, deeper contact, clearer communication and less misunderstandings.

Together we will move into a beautiful flow of touch and warmth of the heart.

We open ourselves gently to each other and discover all facets of feelings: joy, vulnerability, sadness and playfulness. We will dance, celebrate, cuddle, be funny and erotic.

What you will take with you from the weekend:
* Clarity and confidence
* Ability to lovingly communicate your boundaries and desires
* Feeling encouraged and an open heart
* The secrets of mindful touch

Every contact becomes easier when boundaries and wishes are openly expressed.

You don’t need any previous experience.

Radha ..

…has been offering weekends and evenings on the subject of mindful meetings, touch and tantra for 4 years. The workshops are about treating ourselves and our fellow human beings more lovingly and honestly at the same time. 

She enjoys the very special loving atmosphere that always arises in this open space.