Meditation is a path towards Personal Transformation, Inner Peace, Harmony, and Love.
Through Regular Practice of Meditation, we can Experience Inner Peace, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Connection.
It is a way that invites us to Explore the Depths of our True Being.

Vipassana Island Retreat

9 – 11 Aug & 8 – 10 Nov • Open Sky House Hitdorf

A shortened and intensified way of a classic Vipassana Course. Spend a whole weekend with yourself, sitting in silence in the supportive energy of a meditating group, the Open Sky House Community and John David who has been guiding people into their hearts and essence for 25 years.

Free Volunteer Week

15 – 21 July & 12 – 18 August • Open Sky House Hitdorf

Join the flow of the community and take the chance and discover how spirituality can be lived in everyday life. Come one week for free as a volunteer, meet like-hearted people and take part in the daily activities and mediations of the community and the evening programs.

Meditation Weekend retreat

26 – 28 July & 11 – 13 October • Open Sky House Hitdorf

In this weekend members of the Community will introduce you to a variety of still and active meditation practices. In Satsang with John David you can ask questions and share your experiences. 


Open Sky House

Rheinstr. 54, 51371 Hitdorf
close to Cologne

The Open Sky House is located directly on the banks of the Rhine and exudes a special atmosphere of beauty and tranquillity. During breaks, you can take a walk along the riverbank or enjoy the meditative energy and art of the house and courtyard.