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Pointless Joy of Freedom

A film about lived spirituality and spiritual teacher John David

1h 15min



The belief that our happiness depends on external circumstances is deeply rooted in our society. We constantly seek new relationships, vacation destinations, and better jobs… “Pointless Joy” presents a fascinating and realistic alternative: a life of happiness and contentment, free from external factors. The film tells the unusual life path of the spiritual teacher John David and the story of the Open Sky House community near Cologne. Almost unique in Europe, it is a powerful and fruitful place of self-realization that deeply touches and transforms hundreds of people from many different countries. This documentary presents a vision of how we can awaken and live together in silence, love, and creativity from within ourselves.

Spiritual Community Awaken Now

A film about lived spirituality and spiritual teacher John David

1h 13 min

#Satsang #Awaken #SpiritualCommunity


The spiritual community Open Sky House combines satsang, meditation, art, and creative projects into a unique approach to spiritual awakening and self-empowerment. Under the guidance of the spiritual teacher John David, the community is a pioneering example of how we can live together in silence, love, and creativity in our daily lives. The loving energy field of the community supports all who want to become more conscious and live in peace without pain and suffering.

Adventures in Consciousness

The life of spiritual teacher John David - Spiritual Film Interview

1h 53 min

#JohnDavid #SpiritualTeacher


John David is a spiritual teacher, author, filmmaker, and painter. Currently, he is the spiritual leader of the Open Sky House Satsang and Art Community. It is a pioneering place for spiritual transformation that has been around for more than 15 years. The community is located near Cologne, Germany. The vibrant and creative energy of the community reflects his unusually multifaceted approach. John David uses spiritual methods such as meditation, yoga, mantra, and self-exploration, but many of his teachings take place in simple everyday situations. He says, “There is no spiritual life. Only life itself.” This story about his life journey reveals how John David was guided by divine intelligence.

European Spiritual Masters

Unique dialogues about the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

1h 25 min



A wonderful film about the unique energy and expression of 14 European spiritual teachers. Some of them are well-known masters like Rupert Spira and Mooji, while others are hidden gems. They all share their knowledge of traditional Indian teachings – especially those of Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharshi – and connect them with insights from Western psychology. This creates a unique film, perfect for the modern Western spiritual seeker. The teachings are complemented by sensitively selected film material and moving mantra music by Deva Premal and Miten. In the film: Mooji, Deva Premal & Miten, John David, Rupert Spira, Karl Renz, Francis Lucille, Michael Barnett, Om C. Parkin, Padma & Torsten, Dolano, Tony Parsons, Christopher Titmuss.

Blueprints For Awakening

Unique Dialogues on the Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

1h 33 min

#JohnDavid #SpiritualTeacher


Sixteen Indian spiritual masters, many of them well-known such as Ramesh Balsekar and Swami Dayananda, answer questions based on the teachings of Indian saint Sri Ramana Maharshi. The teachers discuss important topics that we encounter on our spiritual journey, such as enlightenment, self-exploration, the nature of the mind, guru, and devotion. The range of masters is very broad and their contributions are enriching, revealing great spiritual clarity in simple words and inviting us to experience satsang with them. The interviewer John David, himself a realized teacher, is deeply familiar with the subject of awakening. For many years, he has been accompanying seekers on their spiritual path.

Arunachala Shiva

Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Life and Teachings

1h 12 min


“Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can give to the world.” – Sri Ramana Maharshi


Arunachala Shiva paints a very personal picture of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, one of India’s most famous sages of the 20th century. The film showcases the key aspects of Sri Ramana’s life and teachings, in which he declares self-inquiry (“Who am I?”) as the most direct path to self-realization. Fascinating original footage of Ramana and the holy mountain Arunachala, as well as stories about his life, take us behind the scenes to moments with his closest disciples. Modern and inspiring commentary from three experts, David Godman, James Swartz, and John David, provide new and unexpected insights into his teachings and challenge established ideas. This is a beautiful and profound tribute to the spiritual greatness of Sri Ramana.


Metamorphosis of an Awakening

56 min


“Satori comes unexpectedly, offering insight into the nature of Self. It’s a deeply personal experience.”
– Carl Gustav Jung


In this movie, we aim to explore the growing trend of people undergoing Spiritual Awakening seemingly out of the blue.

Lakshmi, residing in the spiritual community Open Sky House led by John David, encountered a profound spiritual awakening while composing an email in the community office. The film captures the energetic happening itself and conversations about Lakshmi’s moment and the subsequent changes in her life resulting from this sudden shift.


Moments with Vijaya

57 min


Spiritually, it is a new birth.
Intellecutally, it is the acquiring of a new viewpoint.
The world appears as if dressed in a new garment.
-D.K Suzuki


The film unfolds the story of Vijaya during a retreat with spiritual teacher John David, capturing rare footage of her Satori moment as it happened. The documentary then delves into a deep and meaningful dialogue between Vijaya and John David, where she articulately describes the manifestation of Satori in her body and mind. Over a span of five years, the film carefully chronicles Vijaya’s transformative journey, offering a clear, detailed, yet simple account of her experiences. Providing an intimate behind-the-scenes view of the spiritual path, this documentary shares the intensity of an incredible energetic phenomenon that has not been revealed to the public before.