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John David

invites again to

Public Live Satsang

at Open Sky House
between Cologne and Düsseldorf

Every 4th Friday of the month

23 Aug/ 27 Sep / 25 Oct / 22 Nov


DATES – Fridays: 
23 Aug/ 27 Sep / 25 Oct / 22 Nov

Doors open: 6:30pm 
Silent dinner: 7pm 
Satsang start: 8:15pm 


Satsang often starts with a brief period of silence followed by a talk or an invitation to ask questions. Everything happens spontaneously. You may participate by simply listening to and absorbing the sense of freedom and peace, or you may choose to become more actively involved in a dialogue with John David.


The Satsang meetings with John David will take place at Open Sky House Hitdorf. Located on the banks of the River Rhein between Cologne and Düsseldorf it is home to an international spiritual and arts community who chose to live along with John David. 

Open Sky House, Rheinstr. 54, 51371 Leverkusen


For any Questions feel free to contact Indira


Tel.: 0049 (0)2173 4099204
Mobil & Whatsapp:
0049 (0)178 2890814 (Indira)

Distilled Teachings

Upcoming Satsang Retreats


John David

Spain Summer Retreat

30 August – 15 September  • Open Sky Villa Spain

John David has been dedicated to guiding hundreds of sincere seekers of Truth to Freedom for more than 25 years. His message is not only in his words but also in his Strong and Loving Energy and Presence. Enjoy the amazing Beauty of the Open Sky Villa, only 3min from the Mediterranean.

Arunachala Pilgrimage Retreat 2025

20 January - 9 February 2025 • Tiruvannamalai, South India

Join us for a Pilgrimage to one of India’s most powerful spiritual sanctuaries at the feet of Arunachala Mountain. In January 2023, John David and the Open Sky House Community will offer the 22nd Indian Retreat in Hommage to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the Saint of Arunachala. 

Satsang Books

The latest books from John David and Open Sky Press

Self Inquiry

Self Enquiry

Self-inquiry is a profound tool to deeply question the “I”, which is illusory and the cause of all our problems.

Through this simple exercise, which we do for a few hours with different partners, we can experience that all the answers we give to this question do not lead us to who we really are. After some time, we naturally fall deeper into ourselves and experience what this question can reveal deep within ourselves.

John David - Om C. Parkin Interview about Aham Sphurana

Upcoming Zoom Meetings​

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Teachings and Stories from the Aham Sphurana Manuscript

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