Satsang Bedeutung und Termine in Köln

Satsang - Meaning

Sat = Truth , Sangha = Coming together
Satsang = Coming together in Truth

Satsang means coming together in the quest to explore the Nature of our True Self. The word comes from Sanskrit (the ancient Indian Language) and points to a meeting of Spiritual Seekers with a Self-Realised Master.

Satsang opens your heart and quiets your mind. Everybody is welcome! It`s a space for a deep meeting with yourself beyond roles, thoughts and feelings. A space to reconnect with what is of most value to you, ask your innermost questions and allow yourself just to be.

Most of the time in our ordinary lives, we are not very aware of our essence, and often not very connected to it. Our life is run by desires, fears and goals. The energy of Satsang supports us to focus inside and meet our own source, our true Self. With this deep connection to our being we can be really present for every moment of our life and experience the enormous love and peace which is always there.

Satsang - Masters from the East

John David’s teacher was Papaji, through whom Satsang was carried to the west. He awakened with Sri Ramana Maharshi, who is a great inspiration for John David and the Community. 


Papaji, also known as Poonjaji, awakened after meeting his master Sri Ramana Maharshi at the holy mountain Arunachala in 1947. Papaji spent the rest of his life transmitting this energy of self-realisation. First, he travelled extensively in India; often visiting sacred places such as Rishikesh and Haridwar and helping seekers who came his way. In later years he settled down in Lucknow and during the 1990s he became a magnet especially for Western spiritual seekers. Many of these seekers awakened with Papaji and were sent out as messengers or Papaji Ambassadors. This initiated a Satsang movement in the Western world and helped spread the teachings of Non-Duality. Papaji passed away in 1997.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

In 1896 the 16-year-old boy Venkataraman challenged death by a penetrating enquiry into the source of his being. The following awakening intuitively led him to the holy mountain Arunachala in South India. Here he spent years of solitude meditating in temples and caves. 

Later in life he became known as Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and attracted many spiritual seekers to his ashram on the foothill of Arunachala mountain. Every visitor received teachings according to their own level of understanding and priority for freedom. Often, he would simply transmit his teachings through deep silence, or he would teach the method of Self-Enquiry.

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Bedeutung von Satsang

Satsang in Cologne

Satsang with John David near Cologne (at Open Sky House Hitdorf)

Satsang in Köln mit John David

Satsang often starts with a brief period of silence followed by a talk or an invitation to ask questions. Everything happens spontaneously. You may participate by simply listening to and absorbing the sense of freedom and peace, or you may choose to become more actively involved in a dialogue with John David.

Satsang in Cologne takes place each Monday at Open Sky House Hitdorf:

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Satsang Community near Cologne

A Spiritual Oasis which radiates out into the world

The Open Sky House Community is a Spiritual and Creative Commmnity for living a Spiritual Life from day to day. It is a place for retreat and finding Inner Peace. For over 17 years, a strong energy field of Love, Silence and Creativity developed around the Satsang Teacher John David.

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Upcoming Satsangs

Satsang starts at 8pm.
If you like you can come for silent dinner at 7pm

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John David offers weekly online Satsangs which you can join from home.
Indira gives online meetings in German every two weeks

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