John David

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Artist 
Father, and Guide of the Open Sky House Community
John David in Satsang

About John David

Spiritual Teacher

When I first started my spiritual work I had the idea that if I understood certain things I would become spiritual. Now I have a different view about all that. Now it’s more about living in the moment.
There’s nothing special, no special thing called enlightenment. Nothing like that is going to happen. You’re already enlightened, if you want to say it like that. The problem is that there is so much between your True Nature – the enlightenment – and the way you’re living your life.

John David grew up in England and worked as an architect in London and Japan.  Successful on the outside there was still something lacking inside. Being confronted with the harsh cultural differences in Japan and spending much of his time alone, made him raise introspective questions. 

This led him to an inner journey. He was guided to Osho’s Ashram in India where the first time in his life he found a deep resonance to what he was looking for.

For 15 years John David lived on and off at Osho’s Ashram where he experienced the profound value of inner work, meditation and community.

After Osho passed away he went to Papaji (H.W.L. Poonja) in 1992, where a profound awakening happened. He stayed with Papaji for five years, grounding the moment of awakening.

In Papaji’s presence for the first time he really understood the illusion of the “I”. During his time in Lucknow old mind structures fell away and a gradual deepening of silence happened. 


Papaji with John David

He travelled all over the world to find and interview Indian, European, Australian and American spiritual teachers.

In this way he collected their wisdom in his Books and Films Blueprints for Awakening and Meetings with Remarkable People, so that it may be there for future generations.

In 2000 John David started sharing in meetings internationally. Over more than 20 years of teaching, his own style of teaching has developed, yet it was deeply influenced and formed by the Indian Satsang tradition of his own Masters and those who he feels a close connection to. 

In 2003 he moved to Germany and in 2004 the Open Sky House Satsang and Art Community formed spontaneously around him out of a retreat.

Today there are three Spiritual Centers, open for anybody with a longing for Freedom, near Cologne in Germany  near Kiev in Ukraine and the New International Community near Valencia in Spain. Here John David works and shares closely and intensely with his international students. 

Students who don`t live in the community meet regularly with John David in Sangha groups, which is a great support. Living in the society it is very easy to fall back into mind structures.

 The Sangha Weekends are a reminder to reconnect to the silence within. Being an artist, author and film maker, he very much supports any creativity to express beauty, silence and the celebration of life in many different ways.

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Ways to connect with John David

The communities around John David are vibrant international meeting points and offer a strong and loving energy field for anybody interested in inner freedom. You can meet John David in Zoom-Meetings and Retreats spend time in his community as a guest or volunteer. Or you can decide to live with John David and join the community.