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Pavel Schur interviews John David

Q: For 15 years you were a disciple of Osho. What is the major lesson that he gave you?

JD: The major lesson was to completely change my life from somebody like everybody else, who is looking out in the world to somebody who looks inside. This happened mainly through different techniques of meditation and through self-awareness, to become aware of what is going on inside. So my focus changed from being busy in the world to looking inside.


John david Satsang Interviews
Interview about the Open Sky House Community

What’s the idea of living in this community?
The beautiful thing about our Open Sky House Community is that it doesn’t really have any particular idea. It has some point and that is to Awaken to Truth. The point of the community is to make a place, a space, which can be a fertile place for Awakening. Satsang occurring in formal meetings and in the day-to-day life forms the core of the community. We have a program of meditation everyday and through these meditation techniques people become grounded in their body. That is preparing the vehicle.

Interview for the film "Flowers of Nirvana”

The first thing I would say is that there are not any enlightened people.
   This word enlightenment is a wrong word. It is like sex or love or god. It is like some idea far away in the future. Maybe it has a value because it can bring people to find themselves, just as the peak of Mount Everest brings people to climb mountains. In this way this word enlightenment is useful, but in fact it is a wrong use when you say enlightened people. It is not possible to be an enlightened person. That is a wrong idea about how things are…

Interview with Eddie Blatt

You have been giving Satsang for about five years now? What does Satsang mean and what do you offer people who come to your Satsangs?

Well, the word sat‚ means truth, so Satsang, means a meeting in truth. At some point after I arrived in Australia I started working with people, initially teaching meditation and some of the healing arts that I knew. At the same time seeing that I wanted to share this simple truth that my friend had tried to show me before, that Papaji finally did show me, I wanted to share it with people…

Rainbow Interview - Be Quiet and Awaken!

What does Being Quiet mean?

By following a technique like Zazen or Vipassana you come to Stillness or Peace. What I’m suggesting is that without any kind of technique you can simply be quiet. As you close your eyes and be quiet you become aware of a lot of thoughts and feelings. After some time you start to notice gaps between the thoughts, just brief moments of Stillness. Focusing on these gaps the thoughts and feelings are far away and you become aware of a vast expanded space inside, without boundaries…

Interview about Enlightenment

From your own experience, what would you call Enlightenment?

I would say that enlightenment starts where all words finish. So there is no word, there is no way of defining it. Even from my own experience, I cannot find words. The word enlightenment itself is but a pointer to that which is beyond words. Perhaps it is necessary to have a word because the word attracts people. I’ve come close to enlightenment now. By coming close, the word doesn’t have any meaning any more. It’s not a word that I am very much aware of. It’s something that I can’t define. In a sense it’s all human experience, which is beyond words.