Heart Dances - inspired by Sufism

The Universal Heart Dances are inspired by the work of Murshid Samuel Lewis (1896-1971), an American Sufi and Zen Master.

In the late 1960’s, he created over 50 circle dances as a spiritual practise to open the heart and “finding God within through experience”.
The circle dances are simple, meditative, joyful and easy to learn, using sacred chants and movements from many spiritual traditions.

In the Open Sky Community the dances are part of our spiritual practice and remind us that life is nothing but a joyful, energetic dance.

In the recent Winter Retreat John David introduced 4 Variations of the Heart Dances: 

Heart Dances at Open Sky House



La Illaha Ilallaha
La ilaha illalla hu 
La ilaha illalla

There is no deity but Allah


C - F - G


Holding hands
8 steps to center arms slowly up
8 steps back ending in bow

8 steps turning clockwise
8 steps turning counter clockwise

Holding shoulders:
16 steps to the right
Turning 90 degrees
16 steps continuing same direction

Allah Humma


Allah Humma Allah
Ijalfi - Qalbi Noora

O Allah! Make light in my heart.



Cm - D


10 steps („Allah Humma“) to center slowly lifting up arms
 6 steps („Ijalfi“) backwards arms slowly  to heart
8x steps R L L R holding hands
10 steps to the right holding hands, left hand on heart
 6 steps turning around clockwise, arms up, bow down 
10 steps to the left holding hands, right hand on heart
 6 steps turning around counter clockwise, arms up, bow down

La Illaha


La Illah Illaha 4x
La Illa ha Illala hu -
La Illa ha Illala 2x


Am - Em

Am - F - Em


       holding hands:
7 steps to the right, kick
7 steps to the left, kick
4 steps to center right arm to the front,
4 more steps  left arm to the front, bow down 
8 steps walk back, arms up
       holding hands:
7 steps to the right, kick
7 steps to the left, kick
hold hands against each other -> turn around,
hold hands against each other, pass one another to new neighbor 

Ishq' Allah Mabudhlillah


Ishq' Allah Mabudhlillah
Allah, Allah

La Ilaha el il, Allah Hu
Allah Allah

God is love and God is the beloved.


Dm - C

B - C - Dm


4 steps to center with arms front right 
– left, down right – left
Hands on heart – arms up
4 steps to back with arms front right
– left, down right – left
Holding hands, 4 steps to the right, turn clockwise, bow down
Free dance
Holding hands, 4 steps to the left, 
turn counter clockwise, bow down
Free dance