Vipassana Island Weekend

An Intensive Meditation Retreat

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The next Retreats will take place:

Hitdorf, Germany
9 – 11 August 
      8 – 10 November

Dénia, Spain
        22 – 24 November 

This special Vipassana Retreat is a great opportunity to understand how your mind and body are operating and to meet yourself in a deep way.

You will spend a whole weekend with yourself, sitting in silence in the supportive energy of a meditating group and the presence of John David. He has been guiding people into their heart and essence for 25 years.

“A quiet mind is an important foundation for awareness because it allows you to look more deeply inside yourself.” 

– John David

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John David`s version is a shortened and intensified way of a Vipassana Course.  On Friday evening we start with dinner in silence and Satsang with John David. 
    Afterwards you will begin your 48 hours of Meditation on your Vipassana Meditation Island. This will be a unique experience where you spend the whole weekend with yourself, supported from the energy field of a meditating group and John David.

We recommend to wear a blindfold. A loving helper team will bring food, fill up your water bottle and take care of all your needs. Your Vipassana Meditation Island is equipped as simply as possible: consisting of a chair, meditation cushion, back jack, matress and blanket.

On Sunday afternoon the blindfolds are removed and we come together for the opportunity to share, or to simply be in silence. The Vipassana Retreat sharings are characterised by a wonderful depth and energy.

For many meditators such an intense weekend surely brings up also challenging moments. This could for instance be back pain or a constantly grumbling mind.

However, the other side of the coin is that participants often are able to see through the illusions of the mind and relax into their own true essence. This is the real purpose of Vipassana Meditation and the reason why John David recommends such a weekend as one of the most effective methods for getting a glimpse, and a better understanding, of who you truly are.

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The Vipassana Meditation Island is open for everyone, regardless of how much or little prior experience you have with meditation. More important is a wish to understand the workings of the mind and to be available for a potentially transformational shift in your perception.

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If you have any questions or want more information please contact Indira.

Phone: +49 2173 4099203
Whatsapp: +49 178 2890814

Arrival: Friday afternoon
Start:    Friday 7pm, Silent Dinner and Satsang with John David
End:      Sunday 7pm (who wants, can stay for dinner)

Price:   Hitdorf: 230€ incl. acc. and food
                            195€ Concession
                            165€ Students under 27

              Denia:   140€ incl. acc. and food 
                            120€ Early Bird until 1 October / Students under 27

Upcoming Vipassana Island Meditation Weekends

Vipassana Courses are often structured as a 10-day retreat as taught in the tradition of the Buddhist teacher S.N. Goenka.

“The only conversion involved in a Vipassana Retreat is from misery to happiness, from bondage to liberation”.

N. Goenka