There is an Original Face

a Face that reflects our true Essence​

During every retreat, we do something I call the Original Face, a simple exercise of being present. It’s an amazingly effective way to come in touch with our potential emptiness. The retreat participants come one by one to sit at the front facing all the others. For six minutes they make quiet eye contact with everyone. Each participant takes their turn and so this goes on for three to four hours. 

    Just by focusing on the eyes and absorbing the still energy they become present. Presence means that the organism is simply here, the Self is radiating and there is no conditioned mind. Sitting up in front of a group of open-hearted people during the Original Face and just being there, quiet and present, the activity of the mind automatically fades away.

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Words from Silence


It’s difficult to speak now, probably also to move or stand up. I felt I knew silence, and felt that there would be something after it, something grand and profound. Just looking around at the people there’s no desire to move. Absolute contentment just to be here.

Yes. It doesn’t mean that the body won’t move, but inside there is a still point.  Whatever you do, wherever you go, it’s just still, and this person called ‘me’ doesn’t exist anymore. Just emptiness. It is a moment when you experience existence in a completely new way – simply by being quiet – and you are just present.When nothing is happening, nothing is happening. When something is happening, something is happening. There is no desire or intention, and you’re completely content just with ‘what is’. Without even noticing it, it’s total surrender. That’s what surrender means: acceptance of what is. When you are able to welcome that into your life, or rather ground your life in that, it is the most wonderful way to live. It’s really simple!

Oh yes! It’s like eating the best honey. Inside there is a very deep feeling that I have come home.

Existence gives us this amazing paradise. You only have to go outside and walk along the river, with the sun shining and the breeze blowing. It’s completely beautiful, even in the middle of winter. Everything is amazing! The sky, the clouds, the vast space, the flow of water in the vast river. But we can’t even be here for this beauty because as we walk along the river, what happens? We remember something that somebody said to us yesterday, ‘… and I got so upset and he didn’t understand me …’The possibility – amazingly – is not what you really expect. 

    You’re probably expecting all kinds of amazing practices, theories, principles and philosophies, but what is real can best be discovered by being quiet. The more you can be quiet the more likely you are to come to this beauty inside. It is the same beauty for everybody. It’s one beauty, one peace, and it never changes. Tremendous peace, oneness, and inner nourishment. That’s our nature; that’s our Truth.

It is only possible to come to your true nature when you don’t do anything at all. Then the Self radiates and everything that manifests is manifesting from the Self. Just be quiet and there you are. There you always are.”