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Welcome to Open Sky Friends!

Open Sky International

December 2020 Newsletter

The Open Sky Centres

Open Sky House

Main Community


A large part of the Open Sky Community is currently residing at Open Sky House Hitdorf, Cologne

In the next years we are gradually moving from Open Sky House Hitdorf to Open Sky Villa Denia, Spain which will become the base for Open Sky International, with John David moving between the four centres.

Open Sky Villa

Denia, near Valencia, Spain

For the last 5 years we have rented the villa, now we are in the process to buy the property and develop it into a fully functioning International Spiritual Centre.

At the present time the outer construction of a new room is being completed, the last tiles are being laid.
We are planning many renovations and improvements to this property. Later we plan to build two double rooms upstairs above the garden rooms.

Seminar House

near Frankfurt

Seminar House

near Frankfurt

Seminar House

near Frankfurt

We would like to continue with a base for Open Sky in Germany. Recently we discovered a suitable, beautiful fully functioning seminar house. It is located in the area of Odenwald, surrounded by rich forest.
We plan to host regular Weekends and Retreats with John David at this place and external seminars.
There are extra rooms which can accommodate a German community.

Open Sky Retreat Centre

Tripillya, near Kiev, Ukraine

This year with the return of Arjuna, the arrival of Hanuman, Bhakti and Jyoti and their children, Tripillya has finally become a functioning, mature community.

This has lead to an increased flow of volunteers, and we like to thank Igor, Nadja and Oxana.

There are several construction projects to expand rooms so seminars with up to 50 people can take place.

Exploring and Staying Connected

I find it hugely positive that community residents move between three distinct cultures. In Ukraine we have an ex-Soviet society, in Spain and Germany ex-Fascist societies. In the rest of Europe we have a strong conditioning from the Roman Catholic Church. These conditionings play strongly in our own view to life.
This is very helpful to see our own more subtle background conditioning.
John David

Zoom Online Meetings

The recent discovery of how effective the Zoom Meetings have been allows John David to keep an intimate contact to the residents and friends of Open Sky where ever you are located.

Everybody is welcome to join these online meetings!

We are pleased to get constructive ideas and to invite interested friends.
In this virus affected time, what we are proposing feels like a true Revolution.

No Principle, Ideas or Political Games but an Intention to live together in Harmony and Peace.

It seems to us that if you want a meaningful ‘Point’ to your existence on Planet Earth, living in Peace and Love with a community of fellow travellers could be your ‘Point’.

John David and Open Sky Community

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Beautiful photos of the Activities at Open Sky Villa

Un Nuovo Passo…

Creare un’oasi spirituale giorno per giorno…

Benvenuti al nuovo Progetto Internazionale di Open Sky nel sud della Spagna, circondato da una splendida natura e da un meraviglioso Giardino delle Palme. Proprio sul Mediterraneo, in un bellissimo appezzamento, sta succedendo qualcosa di incredibile…

Creating a Vibrant

Comunita’ Spirituale

The Enthusiastic Construction Team is actively Building 2 New Rooms in the Villa

Vieni e unisciti a noi!

Offriamo già Serate Regolari con Yoga, Mantra Singing e Ritiri del Weekend, come il recente Weekend di Meditazione dell’Isola di Vipassana.

The Villa and its’ Residents Warmly Invite Everyone to join and develop this Amazing Place next to the Mediterranean.

L’iniziatore John David
sul significato del nuovo Progetto

Venite a fare parte di
questo Progetto Emozionante!



Pronto all’azione?

Pieno di idee creative?

Vuoi fare un nuovo passo nella vita?

Unisciti a noi in Spagna!

If this Project touches you…

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Open Sky International Office
Tel.: +49 2173 409 9204
Whatsapp Indira:
+49 178 289 0814

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Beautiful photos of the Activities at Open Sky Villa

Welcome to Open Sky Friends!

Welcome to Open Sky Friends!