Authentic Intimacy

Authentic Intimacy becomes possible when two people meet without the daily drama of “my life.” This relating is about presence, just being there in a dance with the other. Being present with everything that simply is. Without any intentions or ideas how it should be or where it should lead to. It is two absences meeting! It is a subtle meeting in truth, in Authentic Love. 

Authentic Love is the realisation that I am whole and complete, needing nothing and that in fact I am “Authentic Love” in the core of my being. Authentic Intimacy is innocent, spontaneous and ever fresh. 

We are all this Authentic Love and so it is not really a meeting of two. The essence is only one. We will relate together with another and in a larger group to see that Authentic Intimacy occurs when our ideas and fears about love – our normal daily drama – has ceased. This is a beautiful way for couples who wish to move away from stuck relating patterns and for those individuals who yearn to relate in truth.

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  1. Authentic intimacy out our essence… So truthful and so challenging! Every day we are confronted with our ideas and contditionings. For me, the strongest are concerning intimate relationships. It seems, the passion of intimacy and sexuality can be best used for the inner transformation into more universal love deep inside every one of us and more and more away from the “old”, “worn-out” way of relating and “getting” love from the other person.
    You touching such sensitive subjects really makes my mind and ego feel threatened.
    Thank you for that.

  2. First time I came in contact with authentic love in a tantra workshop.
    To meet different people in an intimate way without knowing what is next was not easy, because in the intimate space I could see the conditions to do something I know, was very strong.
    The fear not to know what happened next was threatening but when I could overcome this fear, the intimate meetings where much deeper then ever before. And often this deep contact to myself lasted for days, very beautiful and fulfilling my whole being .
    Love Barbara

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