John david Lineage - Papaji

My Second Dialogue with Papaji

John david Lineage - Papaji


On my last blog I published this exchange between Sosan and his Master Huike.

Apparently Sosan spent six years with Huike who had received the transmission of the Buddha’s teaching from Bodhidarma.

Osho told that many people visited Bodhidarma sitting facing a wall in his cave. He never even turned to anyone of them. Finally after fifteen years he turned to Huike and the Buddha’s teaching was transmitted to China.


When I read this I was deeply touched because my second of three dialogues with Papaji was essentially the same dialogue. I needed one more meeting to pop.

John David: I have many Blocks. How to get rid of my Blocks?

Papaji: Show me your Blocks.

John David: (after a long pause where I almost lost It )     
When I look for my Blocks I can’t find them.

Papaji: Silence. In a deep eye contact with me and a wry smile.

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