Enlightenment is an Illusion

is an Illusion

The first thing I would say is that there are not any enlightened people. This word enlightenment is a wrong word. It is like sex or love or god. It is like some idea far away in the future. Maybe it has a value because it can bring people to find themselves, just as the peak of Mount Everest brings people to climb mountains. In this way this word enlightenment is useful, but in fact it is a wrong use when you say enlightened people. It is not possible to be an enlightened person. That is a wrong idea about how things work.

You can say that everybody is an enlightened person but I wouldn’t use that word, I would say that everybody is in fact the divine, everybody is the Self, everybody is the source of all this thing we call the world. Most people never experience that in their whole life, or only for a few moments.
             Most people have had a moment at a beautiful sunrise, for example, when their mind stopped and inside they felt something like indescribable beauty. This is a taste of what it is to live without your own drama called My Life. Most people are so busy with this drama going on inside their minds, as if they are watching a video, that they simply miss their life. When you are not attached to that drama, My Life, then your life simply unfolds moment by moment in a very simple way and there is no question of an enlightened person.

So our very source is always there, given, and the thing that prevents us from knowing it and being it is simply that we become attached to a wrong idea. At least ninety-nine percent of the population of the planet have this wrong idea.
            There are very few people who ever get the right idea and so it seems like the ninety-nine percent must be right. Three hundred years ago the whole planet thought the world was flat but actually it was not. In the same way you can say that the idea that most people have, that they are the miserable little drama, their soap opera, that goes on twenty-four hours a day, that is not their life!

It’s a tragic thing! Most of those people are very unhappy, because when you live inside your story then you always try to be happy and that means you are also unhappy. Most people spend most of the time being unhappy and they hope occasionally to be happy. They are totally in desire trying to get something or somebody so that they can be happy, and it never really works very well! The most unhappy people are the very rich people or the very successful people.
           They have everything they could possibly want so they ought to be very happy, but they are not because it doesn’t work like that. This is a completely wrong idea about how life works. A few people for some reasons become open enough to start investigating who they are, and those very few people, if they have enough courage and enough focus, will find out who they are. It is not so difficult to find out who you are!

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