Realisation and Doubts

Realisation and Doubts

A person like Ramana Maharshi or a person like Eckhart Tolle, who I know quite well, who realised, and that’s it, end of doubts, end of everything, end of the vasanas, the tendencies, is very, very rare. It’s a very, very rare occurrence.

    For most people it’s a glimpse, and then a closing, and then a doubt maybe, or back into meditating to try to get it again. For most people, that’s it.

   I see that anyway and most of the teachers I know, that I’ve discussed it with say that. Even after the initial recognition or the initial awakening, these doubts can come and you forget about the awakening and just put it down to something that happened or, it was there, why isn’t it here now? These different types of things…

   Jim Carrey (the comedian) had had an awakening with Eckhart Tolle. Jim Carrey is enlightened, or had some sort of awakening. Then he said, “ The next morning I woke up and I’d lost it”.

     Around Papaji there was certainly a ‘got it, lost it’ phenomena – got it, a few days later, lost it, got it, lost it. And that’s more, frankly, more the norm, than getting it, never doubting again, being free for ever and ever.

    So don’t worry if that’s happened to you, and if it’s not happened to you, then fantastic, blessings for you. But if it is happening then don’t worry about it, you just stay on the path.

     Just do what you have to do, because your intention and your desire is for freedom, and nothing else. So, no matter how long it takes, no matter what it takes, that’s what you’re here for, it’s for freedom, so you ask your questions, you ask your doubts a thousand times.

Murray Jan 2020 Tiruvanmalai

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  1. Dear John David
    In my experience there is no great awakening, but there is suddenly freedom in many small things in everyday life.
    I understand more and more what it means
    to be free that’s what I’m here for.
    When I ask myself:
    Who am I and I openly relax into this question, then there is such a distance and width, that’s how I would describe it.
    Is that awakening ?!
    This vastness is also there so often, but not always so present. It’s really difficult to put into words.
    I feel no desire to want to achieve anything … it is good as it is.
    Love Parvati

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