Stabilising in Truth

Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen in his “Meeting with Remarkable People,” interview talked about the issue of stablising or embodying the new reality once a strong energetic opening has occurred.
How easily the ego structures can close things down and therefore the need for work on strong inner mind patterns.

I noticed many people were having the same experience as the one I had with Papaji. Except the end result wasn’t the same, because I had stabilised on the other side and most of my students weren’t stabilising.
         They’d have these profound enlightenment experiences where they’d get lit up like fire and burn for three weeks, but I could see after I got to know them they were still acting out of ego.
There was still pride, there was still unconscious behaviour. I asked myself why they didn’t know better. I realised at a certain point that everybody has to do their own work.

For a long time I tried not to give anybody any spiritual practice, because Papaji said you’re always already there, that’s your natural state; consciousness is already perfectly free.
         He said if you think you need to do anything in time to get beyond time, it’s a self-defeating concept because if you are already free there is nowhere to go and there is nothing to do. You just have to surrender to that Truth unconditionally right now.

I was teaching this, but I realised that although most people could get it in a second – like a lot of people did around him – they couldn’t hold on; they couldn’t stay there. At a certain point I gave up, and I started teaching people the old fashioned way.
           I would introduce them to their own enlightened nature, the way he introduced me to my own enlightened nature – but I told them they’d need to work to sustain this. So people started practising meditation and chanting and all kinds of spiritual practices that we got into.

Because a community was forming around me, we all got to know each other very well. Everybody started to see their egos – to see moments when people are free and clear, when people are lost in pride, ego, fear and anger.
        So they started to see their mistakes, their own shadows, and they realised you have to do spiritual practice. You have to practise deeper meditation, practise being more aware, practise transparency.

So we started working on ego transcendence not just as a state of consciousness where the Master would give us the direct experience of our natural state beyond ego. I realised that wasn’t enough for most people. They had to learn how to keep their egos in check through the practising of awareness, of intention, of higher, spiritually-inspired will power. We started working on all this.

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