Suppressing Our Mechanisms

I would say that seeing of our nature is like the first step in an ongoing process that reveals everything that’s been suppressed or been jumped over, and in that process it’s really a fire, but ultimately the fire is not for any person, it’s actually for the benefit of all beings.
       So just to be available to that fire and to be in the enquiry allows those mechanisms that have been playing for generations to come to peace, and that literally benefits all beings. This is a gift that keeps on giving, it never stops, and I can see you’ll be busy with this till the last breath, it’s just a… Yes.

Isaac Shapiro Zoom Feb 2021

My Mother had been visiting me when I stayed with Neem Karoli Baba. On the last day we’re about to get in the car and drive of to Delhi. Neem Karoli Baba was sitting on his takhat; wherever he sat, it felt like the centre of the universe. She turned, looked back into the temple, broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. I had to lift her into the car because she couldn’t move; she was crying and crying. That’s the moment that most of us had, where all the pretense of your life, who you think you are, crumble and you feel that love in your heart for the first time.

Krishna Das in ‘Love Everyone.’

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  1. This is so whacky, because it sounds like something very special to wake up and that this is the one thing to achieve in life (maybe it is).
    And when you have a taste of it then it is actually nothing special and feels very normal. That is so funny what we do out of it with our mind!!
    What is also funny this idea to find it somewhere and to travel around the world to find it, withal you have it with you the whole time, because it’s in you.
    But you can nothing do to it, it will just happen or not. It is nothing I can DO, isn’t it?
    I can support that by meditating etc, but I cannot DO it.

    1. A bit unclear.
      its not in you it is, “YOU”.

      we can see it like this.
      the blue sky is always present and has always been present.
      however there is a thick belt of clouds ( ego) that prevents you knowing it.

      Meditation can dissolve the thickness of clouds.
      gaps appear, and so glimpses of your Essence occur.

      lots can support the dissolving, like living with like interested people.
      something finally will be a catalyst, to the Awakening.

      then laughter when you understand you always knew the open sky was there.
      its ordinary and special at the same time.

      yes it could be the point of our life.

  2. I dont really understand this beeing jumped over – when was it jumped over? In my growing up so far it doesnt feel like there would have been a choice to do things differently at any moment.

    It sometimes feels like a package that is slowly revealing itself. Things that have been lurking in the shadows slowly come on Central Stage.

    Being Open to the fire sounds beautiful, sounds open. I feel i need to remind myself that it is this openess to burn that will allow a way, rather than me figuring it out and getting it together.
    Maybee what we surrender in the end is our pain, we surrender our pain and the notion that it is of any importance

    1. Komala
      this could be an important time for you.
      hence my recent advice to stay alone.

      You appear to be very attached to being a someone who is attached to ‘I”.
      seems you have fear to really allow this “I” to be seen through.

      who you think you are is not real.
      what is real will reveal itself in a moment when there are no thoughts.

      your favourite game seems to be to keep supporting your ideas about yourself.
      hence the shocking texts to Ed and even more to Vasant;must be someone in order to play your game.

      stay alone and burn.

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