The Simplicity of Being Here


Most of the time we are identified with a kind of movie. So when you ask yourself, “Who am I?” you can say, “Well, I am an English man, I used to do this, I used to do that, now I am a school teacher, I am a husband, a father.” So we have a sort of movie about who we are.
            This has developed inside us over many years and there hasn’t been any reason to not accept that. We are identified with this movie of who we are. Our mind is full of it. It’s like a daily soap opera that never stops. I am this, I did that, I will do this.

If we are spiritual people, we maybe have ideas we would like to make the story a bit better. So it’s not such a good movie now, but if I work hard, do lots of spiritual practices, eat tofu, do yoga every day and some meditation, then I can change this movie into a spiritual movie.
           I will have a long face, be very serious and so on, whatever are your ideas of spiritual. Our mind is full of ideas of being special, as we don’t want to be ordinary.

This is a pity, because you will find that being ordinary means, in any particular moment, if somebody is needed to lay the bricks, you lay the bricks. If you need to cook lunch, you cook lunch. Whatever is in front of you, you just take it, take it as a flow of life. There is already satisfaction, without any attempt to be satisfied, there is already a feeling of it’s okay, it’s alright like this.

Unfortunately we have been filled up in our education by all kinds of ideas. If we want to be really happy, then we have to be special, and if we do these special things, that will make us especially happy. So we aspire to having a big house or car or special clothes, because this is supposed to make us happy. This way of desire is actually the game of society, because societies are now-a-days based on this idea of desire.

But this game of desire simply doesn’t work, because it only can give you a feeling of satisfaction for a short moment. If you eat some chocolate you feel good for some moments, then you need another piece, a bigger piece.
             So it is actually very beautiful to discover that when we are simply present, when we are simply with ourselves, this is the best. Just being with yourself could potentially be very easy.
             To be here with yourself you don’t actually have to do anything special, because you are already here with yourself. It’s like the default position; if you are just here with yourself, that’s it, that’s your life, that’s who you are. It’s a given. It’s given by the divine intelligence.

It’s about letting things go, not about getting more but getting less. To see what you don’t need anymore, what ideas you have acquired in your life that actually don’t really serve you, and that you’re better off to let go of them.

In the energy field of Satsang there is tremendous support to help each other, because we are all here for the same reason: to see these things, which are not so easy to accept.
         We can say yes, I understand, I read all the books, I know that. But there is a big difference between knowing it in our mind and deeply embracing it. And what we want is to embrace the simplicity of being here now, being present.

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