Thinking Mind

The Thinking Mind

I went into stillness immediately. But I kept going back to my mind and believing my mind and feeling caught up. Mind is a tricky thing, it can make you believe it, even when it’s a lie, it can make you believe it’s not a lie.

        That’s why I say forget everything the mind tells you, because it’s a deceitful thing the mind. Whatever it is, the mind seems real at the time, when it’s deceitful, when we start to see through it, it has no solidity, at all. But at the time it can appear to be pretty solid, when we haven’t seen through the mind.

         Freedom is your nature, when you have that conviction completely, even if you still get caught up. Then your mind is not going to bother you nearly so much. The mind is a lie, there’s hardly anything in there worth believing, unless it’s to do with your job, or something practical like that. There’s not anything it tells you about you or the world, forget about it.


Murray Jan 2020

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  1. Its terrifying. Its so radical. If i would refuse to believe or even to listen to anything that goes in in my head, this would be a complete Game changer. There is fear about the sudden gap, the sudden emptiness and freedom that would be there.
    But once you have thought his thought you cant unthink it. If i seriously mean what i say i am here vor then i need to start doing this.

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