A Poem From Nataraj

I am nothing
I am everything

Everything I thought I was is just a thought 
Nothing real, or grabbable.
I feel like I don’t exist
Im in oneness with everything I see
I walk and I am empty
I write but I don’t write
It’s a happening
No one’s there doing anything
Free from my illusion 
I feel safe 
Guided by Ramana
I put my life in his hands 
The source came and took me in
Showed me the reality I always was free
It’s clear to me that I shouldn’t read about this stuff
But experience it
In the last days there was a lot of doubt, energies coming up and leaving me.
Alignment with the self is happening
No future no present no past
Only happening 
all happening
I feel my self not as a person anymore 
Not as a human but as everything

Nataraj Nov 1st 2021

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