Devotion Opens the Heart

JD: Hello Bhakti, which is the Hindi word for devotion.

BHA: This is my treasure. In the first three minutes of silence, already I noticed I’m always just in thoughts. 
             So busy in the thoughts, and then I go more into myself and the tears came. If I hear you talking, then in just a short time I really can go into my heart. I appreciate this so much and I really recognise your energy, like a mystery.       
            If I sit by myself one hour, I cannot go to this state. So, it’s an amazing mystery, and I really appreciate this. This is my treasure. Yes, thank you so much. 

JD: Yes, every word Bhakti is very beautiful of course, you just spoke what every teacher would like to hear. 
            I had the intuition today about moving more towards the devotional side. The idea of starting the meeting with mantras.
            I see wasn’t wrong to give you this name because everything you’ve just said has also touched the other particients. So, this is very, very beautiful. 

Bhakti, after all those nice words I need to be a bit tough on you. You came here some years ago, perhaps six years ago, and everybody in our community liked you very much.    
            Bhakti is a very good piano player, we all encouraged her to get more involved in the community, in the meetings, even to come and live with us. Your response to that was to disappear for many years.
          It’s a kind of priority. And what makes me feel sad is that you have a great potential. You tell us just now beautiful words You have the potential inside yet you don’t really honour that potential. 

BHA: I see. I have a problem about money and there’s a desire to be rich, because now I’m proud I can live by myself, and eat with only my piano lessons. I’m starting to have extra money, and if I become rich, more money will come. This is my idea, but so far it doesn’t come… (laughter) 

JD: Now I have to be really tough on you because what you’ve just been talking is total bullshit. You talk about being rich inside by having a lot of money.
             So all these very rich billionaires who make a lot of money, would be the people who you can say live a very satisfying life.
          You have been doing your survival level existence about six years. You could have by six years time, the chance to become rich inside, really rich inside because you have the potential for that.
            I’m sure everybody who listened to you would have felt that immediately, how you’re very close to having this every moment of your life, because those beautiful words you spoke are true.
        If you can experience your own essence in those few minutes, you can experience your own essence every day of your life. You’re not doing that because in your mind you’ve got this strong desire for money, and this desire leads you into a certain lifestyle. 
          I’d completely forgotten about you because you never visit us. I’m very happy that you’ve come today into this meeting and I hope what I’m saying to you will give you a little shock. 

BHA: I was so happy actually in the Open Sky House.

JD: So come and see us again, don’t leave it so long next time. 

BHA: Yes, yes, yes…

JD: Everybody loves you very much, and after what you’ve just said, I think you have to respect that what you spoke in the beginning is coming from your essence. 

BHA: I have a question. That time I felt my, true nature, essence, but as a human in this world how do you think it is possible to be that connection all the time? 

JD: Well, in my own case I have that connection most of the time. For sure it’s basically possible to live with what you experienced in this meeting most of the time. It can be the ground of your life, and that’s possible for everybody, it’s absolutely possible.

BHA: I see… at least I can be much more longer with this connection? 

JD: Of course. And you said yourself that you were quite surprised to realise how many thoughts you had in your mind.

BHA: Yes…

JD: When you wouldn’t have all those thoughts, you would have much more ability to connect to your essence.

BHA: Yes…

JD: It’s like the sky. If you look up at the sky, the sky is blue. In northern Europe we don’t see that blue because there’s so many clouds. But then, the last two or three weeks, there were no clouds, there was only blue sky everyday.
          The clouds are a metaphor for your mind, for your thinking, for your ego, all the structures of your mind. And those structures act exactly like the clouds, and therefore you’re not in contact with the blue sky, your own essence, but your essence is always there, of course, the blue sky is always there.

2 Responses

  1. When there are thoughts and desires about how to live life my work in office becomes a burden and feels like hard effort. Instead living and working out of service as an inner attitude, when the heart is open, the same work feels completely different even joyful.

    Sometimes I have resistance to do certain tasks, then I postpone. When I accept my position and the task the energy inside myself changes positively. So for me devotion means also to accept what is and how it is.

  2. I recognize myself in Bhakti’s words. It is beautiful how honestly she shares. The thoughts of survival and goals… Is it possible to combine it with spirituality? I used to be concerned about that for a long time. In my case I could easily recognize that the longing inside to know myself was much much stronger than the worries about money. Through being with John David and now also reading his daily blog an ‘inner cleansing’ is happening, which leads to the clarity that those worries and fears are not helping but instead hindering my well-being, health and success.

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