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An Open Heart Is Beautiful – be a Knower,a Jnani

An Open Heart Is Beautiful
be a Knower,a Jnani

We all know it’s beautiful when the heart opens and the tears flow, and the love is gushing out. What more could we want at that time? Because when we are in that type of love – which is devotion itself – there’s almost no mind. The mind just disappears in that love and in that devotion, but as one teacher said to me, “And in that place no one wants to enquire.” He said, “The problem with that place is everyone loves it. The problem is, it’s still a state. It’s still a state, comes and goes. And in that state, because the mind isn’t there, there’s no capacity for enquiry.”

This is what another teacher, Swami Shyam, told me because I was very devotional and gushing and tears and wanting to bow all the time, said to me once, in front of a group of people,  “This man has the heart of a Bhakta, but I want him to be a knower.”

A knower, a Jnani. He said, “I want him to be a knower.” So he wouldn’t allow any external signs of devotion from me. None. I could never touch his feet. He said, “Murray will be touching my feet every ten minutes if he could,” and he wouldn’t allow it. He said, “I want you to be a knower.”


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