Love as in Relationship Love

Love is an energy. It has nothing to do with boys and girls and falling in love and candlelight dinners. That’s not what I would call love. I would call that a disease.

Q: A disease? I would like to know more about that.

JD: Through the centuries we have been conditioned to believe that our most true happiness will come when we can find somebody to love us.
          We spend a lot of energy to look for such a person and we come in a relationship with them. We try out a few things together and if it all seems positive we sign a contract, it’s called marriage. 

           Probably that’s not really going to work, because nobody can give you love. You can play together, you can access your own love. If it’s a very nicely balanced harmonious relationship then you could maybe both live in love. 
          The love is actually your own love and if you think it comes from the other person, what happens when that person might spend an evening with your friend? Then of course you might get jealous and then things break down. 
          So of course to have the person who is bringing you the love, that is going to make you feel satisfied, happy and peaceful maybe go off with somebody else, is a major shock to your system. I don’t think that’s the way to go if you want to access real love. The way to go is inside yourself.

Q: I see you offer a silent practice. When nobody talks. What’s the idea and how does it help people.

JD: By becoming really quiet you experience yourself as being part of oneness, you feel yourself as part of a greater energy field, which could be called a greater love field. 



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