The Teachings of Vedanta

Some argue that because the Self is already realized, only the unenlightened mind-ego entity can get enlightened. Others say that since only the Self exists, there is no ego to get enlightened. These apparently opposing views suggest that ignorance both exists and does not exist.
         The problem is resolved by determining which point of view is operating. From the Self’s point of view, ignorance and ego do not exist except as illusion, or not at all if the mind is completely destroyed.
          From the ego’s point of view, ignorance exists (because it sees itself as inadequate, incomplete and limited). If you argue that limitation is natural to the ego, how do you explain ego’s continual desire to rid itself of it?
          Furthermore, when the ego experiences oneness with the Self it clings to the experience tooth and nail, suggesting that oneness is its nature. An ego that has never “experienced the Self” does not know it’s ignorant of the Self.
         The teachings of Vedanta are meant to help egos who know they are ignorant remove their ignorance.

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