to the Master

An individual Connection to the Master

One day we’re walking and I’m telling Him about two things that I saw that stunned me. He asked me what the difference was in being stunned from that particular scene. He was going into very fine detail about the experiences and what was happening to me, and this I found fascinating.

“Wow, this silence and bliss is so beautiful.” He gets up and says, “I’m going downstairs to make some yoghurt.” So, I follow Him down, and I said, “Why did you do that?” He said, “Where’s your silence now?” I said, “Well, it’s still here.” He said, “This is why I did it.”

He said, “This is the value of being around a Master.” He said, “You’ve come with me down here and you were upset with me for bringing you down here, but you say this stillness is still with you. No matter what activity you do, no matter whether you’re sitting, whether you’re cooking, whether you’re walking, whether you’re having a drink…the stillness is always here, and you’re seeing that now.”

He says, “I see no other way except to be in the company of a Master.” He was very clear about that at the time, and He said, “I see no other way except for the Master to have very few people, so He can work individually with what’s going on.” Of course that changed over time, but He still was able to encompass the whole room – when there were over three hundred people He was able to encompass it.


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