Jetzt-TV Live chat with John David about Aham Sphurana [FREE]

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November 6, 2023

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8:00 pm

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Zoom Online Meeting

In this Online Meeting you can ask questions or dialog about the new Ramana book
“Aham Sphurana” that John David edited and published.

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Monday, 6th November, 8pm

The meeting will be in English with German translation. 

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Meeting ID: 87529512616

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Los Angeles: 11am  •   New York: 2pm
London: 7pm  •  Berlin: 8pm  •  Kiev: 9pm

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+49 (0)152 22 473 253


Aham Sphurana contains a variety of fascinating and previously unpublished dialogues between Sri Ramana Maharshi and people who visited him in his ashram at the holy mountain Arunachala in the summer of 1936.

At that time Ramana was 56 years old, and we get to know him as a vital and active man who did not just sit on the sofa in silence or teaching, but consciously and energetically shaped the daily life and processes of the ashram. 

Review from Reader:
Unexpectedly finding a lost Shakespeare manuscript!

“In telling people about this book, I’ve compared it to unexpectedly finding a lost Shakespeare manuscript! The notebooks from which this book is edited comprise a newly found treasure trove of Bhagavan’s teaching, and his voice comes alive. For any serious student of the Maharshi, this book is essential.”

– Dr. Solomon Katz, awarded author, Harvard USA

  • Zoom Online Meeting

  • November 6, 2023 8:00 pm