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In the present moment stories don’t arise and this gives space in you for enormous amounts of Love and Peace.

– John David

Adventures in Consciousness by John David

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John David loves to encourage people to follow their inner longing for Truth and Freedom. He loves interviewing spiritually inspiring people all over the world about their lives and teachings so their life stories will encourage many others. The Open Sky House Community, which developed around him in Central Europe, is a fascinating and rare experiment that shows a different life possibility from the one society suggests. A way of living in love, peace and silence, where we support each other to focus, in every-day life, always on the Self.
Here John David is interviewed by Indira, his main assistant since many years.

John David Teachings

A Multi-facetted Approach to Freedom
John David’s multi-faceted approach to freedom has helped countless people discover true liberation. With over 40 years of experience, John David combines a deep understanding of the spiritual path with a practical and down-to-earth teaching style that resonates with people from all walks of life.

Drawing from various spiritual traditions, John David’s teachings encompass meditation, self-inquiry, and embodied practices that help individuals tap into their inner wisdom and transform their lives. His approach is not limited to any particular belief system or religion, making it accessible and inclusive to everyone.

John David’s teachings are unique in their emphasis on the importance of community and connection. He believes that spiritual growth cannot be achieved in isolation and encourages his students to support one another in their journey towards freedom. This emphasis on community has created a vibrant and supportive ashram in germany and spain – an international community of earnest seekers.

Whether you are just starting on your spiritual path or are a seasoned practitioner, John David’s multi-faceted approach to freedom can help you discover the peace and liberation that you seek. Join the thousands of individuals who have been transformed by his teachings and discover your true potential with John David as your guide.

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Meetings with Remarkable People

Interviews with Twelve Spiritual Teachers

Fascinating life stories from Remarkable People inspiring the lives of many trough their Clarity and Radiance. Each of them a spiritual magnet.

In John David’s penetrating interviews they intimately share what has not been heard before about their life story and the time spend with their spiritual master.

Beautifully designed, with various color fotos of each teacher. 

Other Books from John David
NEW: Aham Sphurana – A Glimpse of Self Realisation

Fascinating dialogues and stories of Sri Ramana Maharshi recorded by Sri Gajapathi Aiyyer in the summer 1936, at Ramana Ashram.

This book contains a selection from the complete manuscript Aham Sphurana. This selection, a brilliant treasure, speaks for itself. Beside the detailed teachings on Self-Enquiry, Surrender and Jnana, it exposes a new glimpse of Bhagavan’s personal day-to-day life at fifty-six, in his middle age.

The Book is available in English and German, as Ebook and Paperback.

Aham Sphurana A Glimpse of Self Realization NEW BOOK NEW TEACHINGS


John David is a spiritual teacher, author, painter, and filmmaker born in UK. He spent 15 years with Osho and then five years with Papaji (H.W.L. Poonja), where he experienced a profound awakening. 

 His quest for spiritual truth led him across continents, interviewing Indian, European, Australian, and American spiritual masters, capturing their wisdom in films and books. 

 In 1997, he began sharing in Satsang meetings, and in 2004, the spiritual community Open Sky House formed around him  — a vibrant, strong and loving energy field fostering inner freedom and spiritual and personal growth. 

John David emphasizes the power of community on the spiritual path, offering personalized guidance to his students. A passionate artist, he encourages creativity in all forms. 

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We come to really know ourselves, to know our structural patterns, the patterns of our mind. We come to know our emotional responses to certain situations. We become very familiar with the workings of the mind and we also become more and more aware of the body, the body-mind connection and our relationship with the body- mind connection.

All of this is the beginning of Self-enquiry.

– John David

Spirituelle Community Germany
When we are ready to accept whatever we find inside, the judgments fall away and we can celebrate whatever life brings. We see paradise in ordinary life.

- John David