Papaji Answers a Magazines Questions

What is enlightenment?
‘I am bound’ is a concept that everyone has clung to [but] he cannot show any chains or fetters by which he is bound. This is his concept. He must have been told by someone, or read some books, or heard from his parents or priests or preachers who told him that everyone is a sinner and is bound. [That] he has to go to church and pray [to] God to forgive him. The preacher promises that after death he will go to heaven and enjoy [life there] for a long time. So, the enlightenment is another concept. When one goes near the sadguru, he removes both these concepts [bondage and enlightenment] and tells one that … [one is] already free.

Are you enlightened?
Yes, ‘I AM’ THAT is enlightened.

Is it possible for everyone to get enlightened?
Yes, to know that ‘I AM Free’ is possible for all human beings.

What do you recommend to people who want to get enlightened?
I recommend one who wants to be free should just ‘KEEP QUIET’ for a second, even half of a second, and don’t look into the past or the future. The past is a graveyard. The mind itself is a bundle of thoughts. There is no thought which does not cling to any person, any place, any object – all these are from past identifications. The concepts ‘I am bound’ [and] ‘I am enlightened’ are about the past. … The ‘I’ is a past thought, And even the present is too. That is the past. Don’t stir any thought. ‘Keep Quiet.’

What use is enlightenment?
Enlightenment is good for all beings to enjoy Happiness, [to] keep [them] in peace and enjoy everything that the creator has promised for his children.

“Sphuren” a Swiss spiritual magazine 1991.

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