Planetary Crises and Self Awareness

Planet Crisis and Self Awareness

Planet Crisis and Self Awareness

I’m constantly talking about self awareness, self awareness, self awareness. Right now, in a little English seaside town, seven of the most powerful heads of government are meeting together to discuss climate change. Except for China and India, these are the seven most powerful economies. They meet together twice a year.
          The reality of climate change is that unless we do really drastic things, it actually may be too late. Too late for what? We may have already destroyed our planet. Can you imagine that? We clever human beings may actually without realising it, step by step by step, may have pushed the effect of global warming, which is all human made, we may have pushed it to a point where it can’t be stopped, it can’t be re-stabilised. That’s what they’re discussing.
           They decided yesterday to stop any support for the coal industry. They would not allow any more coal burning power stations, unless they have special carbon catching technology. This is really drastic because along with that, they have the intention, to ban all petrol and diesel cars off the roads. I’m sure Elon Musk the pioneer of electric cars is laughing in his boots this morning. If that actually happens, it would be an enormous change in terms of the gases that go up and causes heating of the planet. That would have an enormous effect.

What is going to save us?

However a few months ago ex USA President Trump got 75 million Americans voting for him, luckily President Biden got 81 million. Luckily, because if Trump was re-elected, he was supporting the coal and oil industries and he was completely negating any reality in this global warming. He was saying, ‘It’s bullshit’, and he pulled America out of the world climate body. Even China has included itself in this decision to reduce climate warming. But if Trump would have been re-elected and it was so close, that would all have come to nothing for 4 or 8 more years.
       What is going to save us? The only thing that is going to save us is self awareness. It’s the only thing. We cut down trees by the billions, because we want to make timber. We don’t think about global warming when we’re burning the Amazon rainforest. In fact the Brazilian president, has similar ideas to Trump since he became elected, more of the Amazon has been destroyed, because he is even encouraging to do that. These are the kinds of idiots who are making decisions in the world. So, what can we do about some idiots like that? Only self awareness can actually fight against it.

Healing our Traumas 

There is a film about trauma, by Gabor Maté. He is a great human being, incredibly honest about his own life, his own traumas, which were probably inflicted on him, by the Nazi. Out of his traumas, life has taken him on a journey and you could feel his amazing understanding. Out of his own self awareness he is supporting street people. People who, even when they’re not on the streets, can’t really manage their lives. Also prisoners, being put by the society in prison but basically they’re in prison for the same reasons that those people are on the streets. And why are they on the streets or in prison? Because they were traumatised when they were growing up.
        The USA government is constantly going on about drugs. They’ve got to have a big campaign against drug use and they spend billions of dollars on this drug campaign. Are they spending money on what’s behind the drugs? What’s behind the drugs is that people are completely devastated inside, there’s so much pain. And why is there so much pain? America is a completely unfair society with little social services. Mr. Amazon’s has 182 billion dollars, and a few other guys have also that kind of money and other people are sitting on the street and haven’t even got money to buy a cup of tea or get decent health care. This is America, a completely unfair society, and there’s no awareness. There’s no self awareness.

Loving Life

Half the population of America are people who would actually elect Trump. I was shocked to see the reality of Gabor Maté`s film the reality of that film is complete lack of self awareness in humanity. And Gabor Maté is doing an amazing job but what a task! What we need to do ? We need to create a healthy society to support healthy families, to support healthy children. And I can see we’ve started. Our community is a tiny little start, a hotspot/oasis of conscious living rippling into the world. I don’t see any other way.  If humanity doesn’t change itself by becoming more conscious, then we will carry on doing all this stupid stuff.

There’s a very nice English man, called David Attenborough. For sixty years, he’s been travelling around the world making amazing nature films. Really beautiful films and the BBC supports him. He’s  now 97 and he’s made a video that gets shown at this get together of world leaders. In the film he is basically saying that it’s clear that we’re really destroying the natural world at an incredible pace. Not only are we doing that but we’ve got to a point, he thinks, that we’re probably more or less destabilised the whole planet to a point that it can’t be fixed.    
         David is a man who clearly loves life, he clearly loves nature. If you’ve seen his films, you can feel this man is in love with life. He’s a great human being, and he feels deeply inside that we’ve managed to push the situation to probably dangerously near a limit, and maybe we can’t reverse it, we can’t get it back. Unfortunately it’s got there only in the last a hundred years. 1915 was the first car or mass production of cars. So, it’s only a hundred years we’ve had cars with all the pollution that goes up into the air, Only One hundred years!
           Sometimes I wonder what am I doing with this community!  The lights have been left on again, or broken things are laying around or all these so many things that happen in this community everyday. Then I have to balance it. I see that if we guys can’t get our thing together, if we don’t see the importance of this, then in the end what hope is there for humanity? Because humanity, in a way, doesn’t really want to know. I don’t know the figures but I could imagine alcohol sales are rocketing upwards, people just want to get drunk and not think about anything. They want to watch television for the latest sports match because the whole media industry is feeding us to stay asleep.
         The Open Sky House Community is a refuge for those people who wish to actively engage, raise their consciousness and contribute to a transformation of the planet. To find a balance where its seen that we humans are one with nature, not separate. To see that this balancing has to be on a planetary scale for the sake of nature which we are part off. In our individual journey we need to become quiet and still inside supported by meditation. To bring self awareness into our daily life so that we can be present as this life unfolds.

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