Sex, Love and the Illusion

Authentic Love is very different from falling in love. Falling in love is the ultimate illusion. Because to fall in love there must be a somebody. A somebody who falls in love with somebody else. So there is me and you. And as we know, when there is me and you, then I am identified with my life. 

There are many dramas and many stories. Many beliefs, knowings, desires and many longings. All of this goes together with being somebody. And thus we can call falling in love the ultimate illusion. It’s the ultimate illusion because suddenly you have my story, your story and our story.
     Most of your life energy is caught up with sorting out all these stories. Occasionally a little bit of love happens – if you are really lucky. If you are unlucky, it’s very unhappy and miserable. Somewhere in the distance, at the end of the rainbow, is love. But no matter how much effort you put in you never quite find it. It seems to be always just a little bit further. Falling in love is packaged so nicely, but it can be very horrible.
     It seems to be so delicious. On offer is never ending pleasure, but the reality is not like that. Authentic love is very rare, because for Authentic Love, there isn’t anybody.

For Authentic Love you must first wake up from the illusion that you are somebody with a story, somebody seeing and relating to the world from ‘I’. When you wake up from this illusion you are ready for Authentic Love.
      You don’t have to do anything. Authentic Love is given. Because you are the Authentic Love there is no question about falling in love. It’s just love happening. Like a spring from the mountain side, it is just available.
      If you would be lucky enough to meet another awakened person who knows they are not somebody it would be a wonderful blessing. This would be never ending pleasure, in abundance. It’s like turning on the tap and finding out that the plumbing has been rerouted and only champagne flows.
       It is so innocent. Authentic sex is wonderful because you are the sex. Nothing making sex, doing sex. It’s totally erotic. You can just touch the little toe and it’s totally orgasmic! You feel totally orgasmic with everything! You don’t even need a partner. You can feel totally orgasmic just walking in the park. So sex has become without meaning.
Sex in the way of sexual organs is too small, because you could be making love to the whole of Existence. Of course you are not making love, you are love. You are one with all.

I remember when I had my Awakening in Lucknow with Papaji. It was the end of a love affair and I found myself living in an empty bungalow with a beautiful young Italian woman. We loved each other and we would sleep together in the bed naked. It was too hot to wear clothes. My penis didn’t work any more. It didn’t function for three and half years. In that time it was impossible to get any action. It would just hang limp.
     There was so much energy. Even walking alone there was a kind of orgasmic feeling of Oneness. And so having sex with somebody was completely out of the question, because it was too small. So don’t be obsessed with sex, sexuality. Be obsessed with seeing that you are not somebody. Because when you really know that you are not somebody, then your life becomes totally divine.

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  1. I know rare moments of being present and feeling open and connected to everything around, and as I understand these moments are similar to what you describe. Any desire disappears and I can simply enjoy what is. It doesn’t need to be special, simple ordinary things become special. For me this opening up happens often supported by music, I guess it makes my thoughts stop, and then I can feel the authentic love.

  2. Its really exciting to read this and I have a sense that this authentic love is floating to my body in the last month , often in the night I can’t sleep and during the day the colors of the vegetables nearly jump on me.
    Its the same with the taste of the food. Sometimes I could hug everybody, and the feelings of beauty inside of me is very strong.
    There is nobody who feels beautiful, its just beauty, I can’t describe better.
    Also there is no which to hold on to it
    In my understanding this is authentic love.
    Lots of love

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