Whitsun Retreat

26 May - 4 June  • Open Sky Villa Denia, Spain

Join this 4-day retreat with John David offers you a glimpse of what you truly are. The deeply nourishing environment of Satsang supports you to step away from your daily life and stories and realise you are already home, already free.

Spain Summer Retreat

1 - 17 September • Open Sky Villa Denia, Spain

John David has been dedicated to guiding hundreds of sincere seekers of Truth to Freedom for more than 25 years. His message is not only in his words but also in his Strong and Loving Energy and Presence. Enjoy the amazing Beauty of the Open Sky Villa, only 3min from the Mediterranean.

Vipassana Island Retreat

10 - 12 November • Open Sky Villa Denia, Spain

A shortened and intensified way of a classic Vipassana Course. Spend a whole weekend with yourself, sitting in silence in the supportive energy of a meditating group, the Open Sky House Community and John David who has been guiding people into their hearts and essence for 25 years.


Summer Holiday
Retreat in Denia,
near Valencia

John David annually offers a 2-Week Retreat
in Open Sky Villa at the Mediterranean