Got it - Lost it

Got it - Lost it

The most important part of the story of my time with Papaji actually came later. I realised I had been a long time in the dilemma of appearing to be ‘in’ and ‘out’ of Self. Papaji would often talk about the memory of spiritual experiences being just another memory, the past.

I was sitting in the forest and found the mind wanting to return; a sense of separation had set in. I was once again searching for memories of experiences of Self. Then it hit me, and really hit me, that all these memories were totally unnecessary.

I understood then the freedom of resting in knowing nothing, the wisdom of Socrates. This whole story can be forgotten and it’s totally okay. A thought of separation is just that, a thought.

I think now that is the real understanding: that Truth is with you always. It is not a matter of feeling high or states of mind. It is a matter of being completely and utterly true to yourself.

In fact, Be As You Are.


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