Radha Ma

“If you want to realise God first you have to look inside. Don’t look at other people; you have so many egos inside.”

– Radha Ma

Radha Ma Indian Guru

Full Interview with Radha Ma by John David

Arranging this interview with Radha Ma in 2003 was a delight. She was immediately completely available, saying, ‘Why not now?’ So we sat together and had lots of fun making the interview. Meeting her again in recent years, there is tremendous love in her presence. The large sign on her gate reads: ‘I’m not a guru. Instead of wasting your time trying to meet me, you can go to Ramanashramam.’ I am touched that despite this, she accepts my invitations to speak at the Arunachala Pilgrimage Retreat. Her uncompromising delivery of Truth is lovingly and humorously expressed. A wise woman.

– John David

Questions and Answers

Sri Ramana proposed the fundamental question, ‘Who am I?’* Who are you?

Many Western seekers come to India looking for enlightenment as if it is an experience. What is enlightenment?

Are there any qualifications for enlightenment? Is sadhana (spiritual practice) necessary? If yes, what form do you advise?

Sri Ramana said that Self-enquiry is the most direct route to realising the Self. What do you say about Self-enquiry? How to conduct Self-enquiry?

When Sri Ramana was asked, ‘When will the realisation of the Self be gained?’ he replied, ‘When the world which is what-is-seen has been removed, there will be realisation of the Self which is the seer.’* What is the true understanding of the world? How to remove the world?

It has been suggested that the mind must be destroyed for liberation to occur. Do you have a mind? Sri Ramana used the term manonasha to describe the state of liberation, meaning destroyed mind. How to destroy the mind?

What about vasanas, the tendencies of the mind? Must these be removed before Self-realisation can become permanent? Is it enough to achieve asattvic (calm and peaceful) state of mind and to know one’s vasanas so that they no longer bind? How to remove the vasanas?

At the end of his book, Self-Enquiry, Sri Ramana says, ‘He who is thus endowed with a mind that has become subtle, and who has the experience of the Self is called a jivanmukta.’ Is this the state that can be called Self- realised?

He goes on, ‘And when one is immersed in the ocean of bliss and has become one with it without any differentiated existence, one is called a videhamukta. It is the state of videhamukti that is referred to as the transcendent turiya (state). This is the final goal.’ Is this the state that can be called enlightenment?

It appears essential to meet a guru and stay with that guru. Who is the guru? What is the guru’s role? How to recognise a true guru?

Seekers often have curious ideas about the enlightened state. Please describe your typical day and how you perceive the world.

You have given us a profound discourse on awakening. When you meet a passion for awakening, what would your short advice be?

Radha Ma teachings

Devotion and Love
 Radha Ma’s teachings emphasize the significance of pure devotion (Bhakti) and unconditional love towards the divine. She embodies the ideal of complete surrender and selfless love.

Spiritual Union
 Central to Radha Ma’s teachings is the pursuit of spiritual union with the divine. This union transcends physical realms, focusing on an inner spiritual journey.

Compassion and Service
 Radha Ma teaches the importance of compassion and selfless service (Seva) to others. Her teachings encourage followers to engage in acts of kindness and help those in need.

Inner Transformation
 Her teachings often focus on inner transformation and self-realization. She guides her followers to look within themselves to find true peace and enlightenment.

Mystical Poetry and Music
 Radha Ma’s teachings are often expressed through devotional songs and poetry, highlighting the joyous and celebratory nature of her spiritual path.

 Radha Ma’s teachings embrace all, irrespective of background or status, emphasizing the universal nature of spiritual pursuit.

Transcending Material World
 She encourages followers to transcend material attachments and focus on spiritual growth and inner fulfillment.

appears in

Blueprints for Awakening – Indian Masters

Indian Spiritual Masters

John David has been interviewing sixteen important Indian Spiritual Masters. The result is a compendium of astonishing wisdom about the biggest secret of all times: the Nature of our True Self and how to realise it.

This boock answers all questions of the spiritual search and is for everyone who has an inner passion to find out who they are.

Published in two volumes. 
Radha Ma is part of Volume I. 

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Fascinating dialogues and stories of Sri Ramana Maharshi recorded by Sri Gajapathi Aiyyer in the summer 1936, at Ramana Ashram.

This book contains a selection from the complete manuscript Aham Sphurana. This selection, a brilliant treasure, speaks for itself. Beside the detailed teachings on Self-Enquiry, Surrender and Jnana, it exposes a new glimpse of Bhagavan’s personal day-to-day life at fifty-six, in his middle age.

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Radhe Maa, born Sukhvinder Kaur on April 4, 1965, in Dorangala Village, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India, is an Indian spiritual leader. She grew up in Punjab and, following the loss of her mother, reportedly became deeply interested in spirituality. Kaur’s early spiritual leanings included frequent visits to a local Kali temple in her village. She received only a basic formal education, studying till Class 4.

Her journey as a spiritual leader began when she met Shri Mahan Ramdeen Das of 1008 Paramhans Bagh Dera Mukerian at a local temple, who later became her guru. Under his guidance, she underwent six months of spiritual training or deeksha and was given the name ‘Radhe Maa.’ She started attending and organizing jagrans (Hindu ritual involving all-night vigils, puja, songs, and dances to venerate deities) in her village, gradually gaining popularity among locals.

In the early years of her spiritual journey in Mumbai, she traveled between Hoshiarpur and Kapurthala in Punjab for satsangs. Later, she started aiding people with money and clothes in various parts of India, including Mumbai and Delhi. Her social work and spiritual gatherings attracted many, including wealthy families and celebrities. Sanjeev Gupta, a devotee she met at a jagran, invited her to move to Mumbai, where she continued her spiritual and social activities.

As her influence grew, she became a notable figure in spiritual and social circles. However, her path has not been without controversy, including accusations of inappropriate behavior and involvement in criminal cases. Despite these challenges, she remains a prominent spiritual figure, particularly among her devotees.


John David and Radha Ma

“The moment you make a blueprint, then you are freezing the moment. You see, the whole awakening is a mystery, and the moment you make a blueprint, the beauty is gone. You can’t make a blueprint as it is not a common thing for everybody. It is different for everybody, a different path and different way, so you can’t make a common blueprint” .

– Radha Ma

Radha Ma

"God gives us the opportunity to serve him by serving humanity"
- Radha Ma