Aham Sphurana

A Glimpse of Self Realisation

New Book about Sri Ramana Maharshi

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A Glimpse of Self Realisation

New Book about Sri Ramana Maharshi

“In my opinion, Aham Sphurana, a Glimpse of Self Realisation, will become a Treasure Trove of Wisdom to the Seekers of Truth in general, and particularly to the devotees of Bhagavan.”

Swami Hamsananda – Athithi Ashram, Tiruvannamalai

Available Worldwide

on  www.openskypress.com  and Amazon:

I Have A Body

Pages 401-402

Q.: So, it is the thought ‘I have a body.’ that is responsible for creating the false impression that I have a body, whereas in truth I have none. Am I correct?                                           
B.: Yes.                                        

Q.: In that case, if I think, ‘I have no body.’, the body should disappear, but it does not disappear. Why is this so?

B.: Intensely thinking about the disappearance of the body does make it disappear; but accquisition of such worthless siddhis [Psychic Powers] is not our objective. You were asked to remove the idea ‘I have a body.’ and keep quiet. Instead you remove that idea and in its place introduce the idea ‘I have no body.’. Jnana is the disappearance of all ideas. ‘All ideas must disappear.’ is also an idea. Eschew that idea also and keep quiet.

Q.: How will day-to-day life go on in the absence of thoughts?

B.: Many times better than it is going on now.             

Q.: Can we move or speak without thinking?            
B.: Once the ego is burnt away in the crucible of Jnana, all actions become automatic.                                

Q.: This is the Jnani’s point of view. Can it apply to an ajnani?
B.: Never mind Jnanis and ajnanis. Keep quiet and see whether your body’s actions are not spontaneously guided by an unfathomable Higher Power.

Q.: Can the Higher Power be trusted to always act in accordance with my interest?   

B.: He always does the right thing. What he does may or may not coincide with your world view and your understanding of or preferance for how things ought to go or events ought to unfold. His actions may even seem unwise in your eye. What you should do is to close the eye of perception or judgement once and for all and open the eye of wisdom once and for all. Let the Master take care of the body and the circumstances, favourable or un favourable, that it is destined to face. You remain permanently submerged in the Heart and lose yourself there. Then it will not matter whether the body is drenched in rain or roasted in the sun or buried in the bowels of the earth; you remain unaffected, irrevocably and irretrievably lost in supreme shanti [peace] and not knowing anything apart therefrom.

Q.: Only a Jnani could be so indifferent to the body.
B.: Be a Jnani, then.     

Q.: But it is said to be the hardest of all attainments.
B.: On the other hand, it is always your natural state.

Q.: If so why am I unaware of the same?
B.: Because you think you are unaware. 

Q.: How to remedy the affliction?
B.: Stop thinking.                  

Q.:How is that done?
B.: Every time a thought arises, ask yourself, ‘To whom has this thought arisen?’ and then take the mind back to its origin, which is the primordial state of subjective awareness. Sustained effortlessly and volitionlessly.

Q.: The thought ‘To whom has this thought arisen?’ is also a thought.
B.: The stick which is used to stir a burning pyre- what is its ultimate fate?

Q.: Generally it is thrown into the pyre itself to burn.
B.: Exactly.

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